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How I Stay Connected to U of T Campus Events (at home)

Hope you are doing well and keeping warm!

I feel like at this point in the semester, life has been focused solely on school. So, I wanted to bring to light how to find workshops and events that can bring a little spice to our calendars.

I hope these resources are helpful to know because with U of T offering so much, the challenge is finding what you’re actually looking for.

1. CLNx (of course)

As you probably already know CLNx is where you can sign up for many activities, for example I signed up for Virtual Study Hubs. Not only did it keep me actively studying, it kept me disciplined especially since it mimics a classroom where you study with others.

Bonus for my accessibility lads! If you go to the sidebar and click “Events and Workshops” > “St. George” > “Accessibility” there are programs like Virtual Check-ins that keep you accountable for your weekly goals!

1a. Starting Point

Specifically for First Year students this one is for you! Attend workshops, take part on campus through clubs/teams or volunteering, and you can receive credit for your Co-Curricular Record. This is just a transcript of your extracurricular activities on campus!

2. Emails (notifications for Outlook please)

Email is how I found out about Hart House zoom yoga sessions during the summer semester, about a poetry faculty reading just last week, and (unrelated) the extra week we have of winter break!

Also, listservs are really good to peruse! Accessibility Newsletters and 9 New Things are a great way to find out about upcoming events.

3. Academic Advisors

Yes, it’s school related but this one is a good one I promise! I’m in touch with an academic advisor (through Victoria College’s Vic Ready program) and any academic event (like about a U of T graduate in a working field I want to enter) he forwards me all the event details that he thinks might interest me!

I bring this up because my anxiety about doing more “school things” is eased when there is someone looking out for me and the opportunities I might want to try.

4. Facebook Events

The different groups and notifications and invites to different events is really helpful.

And as someone who’s brother forced them to watch The Social Dilemma, I’ve been trying to use social media more beneficially and that started with how I interact with it. Using social media as a means of connection and not a vice is challenging, but I think can be done! For example, a while back, I went to an event hosted by Love146 about slavery in the modern world and it was so interesting to learn about things for just an hour or two from people passionate on the subject.

Life at U of T and Student Life is on Instagram and Facebook for more stories!

5. Social Media

And of course, another way to use social media effectively to support us is in using it for study sessions with friends on Discord, Messenger, or Facetime!

And finally, a closing remark!

If you are in need of talking to someone, I recommend U of T Telus Health Student Support (formerly U of T My SSP)! It’s an app you can download to your phone and will connect you with a counsellor to text or call. Out of most helplines, I’ve found this one to be the most available and helpful.

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