How Study Spots help my Productivity

As university students, we spend a lot of time studying or finishing up assignments and projects, so our study dynamic and our study environment determines how productive and effective we are. Studying does not always have to take place in your room or in the library. Sure they may be easily accessible and less distracting but there are numerous benefits from changing your environment and getting creative with your study spots.

As we are all battling a pandemic right now, it may seem like you are confined to just your room but it just means we have to get creative and smart with our study spots. On my way to Toronto from Lagos, I had to get a lot of work done and even attend a few lectures while I was on the plane and at the airport. While studying on the plane, I realized that just being in a cool plane, 10,000 feet above the ground really changed my study process. I felt more in tune and more focused with the content I was reading, plus I had a great view of the clouds which made me feel a lot better about having to study on the go.

Beautiful clouds from a plane view

At the airport, I got a pretty awesome view of the planes landing on the tarmac. It was a fresh, stunning view that I don’t get very often. There was also a delicious smell of coffee wafting around the space and that made for a gracious but fascinating study spot. Just being there and using the planes as my entertainment while studying really helped me grasp more course content and feel energized, refreshed and excited to get work done.

Being around nature and a lot of sunlight makes for a great study session for me. Since we’re all being socially distant, a park, a garden or the beach would make for great, safe study spots. The fresh greenery of a park or garden helps me feel more relaxed and focused while prying through my notes. I feel a lot more productive just being surrounded by all that green and fresh air and that helps me remember all of the content I read.

A picture of a garden study setup. Lots of greenery and calming tones.
Garden study setup by Valeria Boltneva

Finding a good café or tea shop with a less bustling atmosphere makes a great study spot. It’s been proven that having a particular scent while studying majorly impacts your memory and recollection of what you are studying. Cafés are nice and generally have a good study atmosphere with soft music and other people working alongside me makes it feel like a leveled-up library.

Overall, studying in a fresh new space really helps me be more productive and have an effective study session. I need to get creative and safe with my study spots so wish me luck with finding a great space! If you have any more great study spot ideas, leave them in the comment section so the rest of the U of T community can try it out!

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