4 fun activities to do at home

Hey everyone! Before summer school started, I was feeling a little bored at home sometimes since it can seem like there’s not much to do. In this post, I wanted to share some of the fun activities that I did to occupy my time! Tie-dye: I went on YouTube and a tie-dyeing video was suggested for me, so I gave it a watch and I had to try it for myself. I ordered white sweatshirts and some dye from Amazon and went for it! Honestly, it was super easy and fun! I didn’t follow any particular pattern and I’m obsessed with how it turned out (will definitely be making more in the future)!
picture of me and my sister wearing matching tie dye sweatshirts
matching tie dye sweatshirts!
Trying random recipes: My and sister and I have been recently trying random recipes we find online after we got tired of making banana bread. It’s completely unplanned—we just search up ‘things to bake’ and choose from the list. If I’m not in the mood for baking, I’ll search up new easy cooking recipes online to give them a try. It’s super fun to try new things and I never know when I might discover I like a certain food!
picture of a Japanese cake
making Japanese fluffy sponge cake!
  Workout challenges: Since I rarely leave the house now, I noticed that I haven’t been getting enough exercise. The problem is, it’s hard for me to find the motivation to get moving, so I dragged my sister along with me. We either try out fun workout challenges we find on YouTube or go out for a walk. I find that working out with someone else makes exercising a lot more fun, and it holds me accountable! Family games: My family likes to have movie nights, but when we’re bored, we’ll actually play some fun games or do some activities together (sometimes while we’re watching the movie). Our favourites lately have been Jenga and puzzling!
jenga blocks
intense game of jenga
Whether you’re feeling bored at home or if you’re just looking for some fun (and random) things to do, I hope this post gave you some inspiration on some things you can do at home! Let me know if you try any of the activities in this post!

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