Francesca posing on the bridge that connects Ottawa to Quebec.

Fighting Winter Blues with Fashion

As soon as the temperature gets below 0, I'm ready to put on my sweatpants, a hoodie, and cuddle with my multiple blankets in bed. However, I still have to leave my house sometimes. In fact, I try to leave my house as much as possible, otherwise I find myself stuck in a stay-at-home routine which is often not good for me. When I do leave my house, I have a little trick that makes me feel more ready to embrace the cold. My trick, although quite simple, is to plan fun and colourful outfits. Yes, most of them involve big coats, but as my friends know, I love having fun with what I wear, even if it's just for myself. So instead of continue talking, I have decided to share a few pictures of some of my own favourite winter looks! Enjoy!
Francesca posing for a photograph in the National Art Gallery. She is wearing ripped jeans, a patterned shirt, and a patterned scarf of the same tones.
I love mixing patterns... shhh
Francesca is looking at the camera as she fixes her jacket. She's wearing jean overalls, a pink sweat underneath, and a black, starry belt.
I LOVE a good overall! I tend to go for a thin sweater under, gotta stay warm
  I am HUGE on accessories, whether it be scarfs, earrings, belts, or maybe all of them at the same time! I really loved how this flowery belt looked with the pink shirt and big scarf -->     Francesca smiling at the camera, she's wearing a light blue cropped sweater and black pants, as well as geometric earring and a headband.  Bright colours such as blue make days less gloomy!  
Francesca sitting on the stairs, wearing a yellow shirt under a white top, a black skirt, and black shoes.
Yellow definitely makes grey days brighter. So do red socks!
Skirts might seem like a crazy idea, but there's nothing a good pair of tights, or even high socks, can't do!
Francesca posing for the camera in front of fairy lights. She's wearing a black coat and black knee-high boots.
Smiling because I love the Chrismas Market - Plus, one of my favourite outfits!
                Although these are only a few of the many outfits I love, I think they show how much fun I can have during winter. Complementing a look with chunky earrings or a funky scarf is one of my favourite things to do. HOWEVER, just as a disclosure, it is by no means that I plan these looks everyday. So for only the purpose of "exposing" myself, and showing that it is also okay to rock the sweats, I will be closing this post with a realer pic. Let me know in the comments how you like to brighten up from winter blues!
Francesca taking a mirror selfie, making a funny face, wearing a UofT sweatshirt and sweatpants
Stay cozy, friends!

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