Is It Time to Switch Majors?

For this week I wanted to write a little bit on what it’s like to change your major, especially because there’s always so many people who are considering doing this!  
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In first year, I remember someone telling me that the average university student changes their major around three times. I don’t know how true this number is, but I’ve already passed that! I came to U of T with the intention of majoring in Classics and Sociology (spoiler: neither of those are my majors). In second year I switched to Classical Civilizations and Book & Media studies BUT THEN I discovered that there was an arts program for Environment! So… now I’m in Environmental Studies and Classical Civ (and I’m counting on staying because I think I finally found the majors that suit me!).  An Environment textbook, two notebooks, and "Metamorphoses" by Ovid. Some things to consider when thinking about changing majors: Are you having a hard time in the course? How much do you enjoy the subject matter? In Classics, I discovered that I just could not wrap my head around Latin. I started to dread going to class because of how confused I felt. On the other hand, in Book & Media studies I realized that I just didn’t enjoy what we were learning. HOWEVER, just because a subject is challenging doesn’t mean it’s not the one for you. For me, Environment can be difficult, but at the end of the day, I still really enjoy the content. 
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Mental health is important to consider as well. If you aren’t happy with your majors, then nothing should hold you back from pursuing something that better suits you. I know a lot of people are worried about finding jobs, but there is definitely a major out there that you will enjoy more and is just as employable. If you aren’t passionate about what you study it will be a lot harder to find success in that area.  Don’t worry about graduating on time. I say this because most majors can be completed within two and a half years. If you plan everything well, then you will be able to graduate on time.  Research what U of T offers: The University offers SO many programs, you can find them all listed here. After you make a decision you can plan ahead using Degree Explorer (you can see how many credits you already have, what you still need, and you can make a timetable to project your future courses). 
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If you are thinking of changing your major, I think you should definitely do so. In my experience it is worth the risk, and I am much happier with my studies because of it. U of T allows you to declare you majors, on Acorn, at the beginning of September (upper years only) and at the end of March. There are so many learning opportunities available here, it is worth taking some of them!

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