What am I doing with my summer?? – A Contemplation

I miss my cat, my parents and the food (in no particular order)…
It's finally reading week! Time to hibernate. Just kidding, it's time to catch up on readings, class and sleep.
reading book in hart house library
putting the 'read' in reading week
I wrote about being on campus and taking courses for 11 months straight in first year (8-month school year + both summer sessions) in my summer at U of T post. This month marks my 18th month at U of T and the summer of my second year is around the corner. What am I doing over this summer? Great question! I don't know! But I do have some options... Internships/ Research Positions
lab set up
summer ROPs are an intro to what research labs are like
lab set up
conventional labs are always sparkly and organized like in movies
With everyday student struggles and problem sets, I often forget that we're at a top research university. U of T has plus or minus hundreds of labs on all three campuses with principal investigators (professors spearheading projects) who might be looking to get undergrads involved in their research. It's easy to think "I'm just in first or second year, I don't know anything" but you'd be surprised at how many opportunities there are if you actively seek them. I've applied for a few scholarship funds over the summer and am currently waiting to hear back from them (fingers crossed!). Summer School (again?? :/)
collage of summer photos
my summer while taking three courses in 2018
In my post about having to re-evaluate hard courses and dropping some to take easier versions, I mention how taking two courses in the summer helped me compensate for my decisions and I also took an extra course to get ahead in second year. My friends and I that did take summer courses, agree that the accelerated pace was balanced by taking only a one or two courses instead of five or six. Sure, we had more free time (exploring the city in the summer can be super fun!) but not having a break from the numbers (Calculus, Physics, Linear Algebra and GPAs...) have really started to take a toll on me. I might stay and take a course if I can secure a lab position or a job. I Miss Home
malaysian food
i'm sorry but poutine is no match for this
daugther with parents
my parents and I
I miss my cat, my parents and the food (in no particular order, of course). Since coming to U of T in 2017 - I've not been home and I've missed quite a bit. My parents visited me last summer but it's not the same as physically being 'home'. One of my cats died, my nieces and nephews have grown with some I've yet to meet and I haven't seen my friends that are 14 thousand kilometers away from me in awhile. Sometimes I sit and wonder why I moved to North America for my education but as I'm gently nudged back to awareness, I renumerate all the people, experiences and opportunities I've been blessed with in these short three years since moving and I'm reminded that this chapter in my life has been full of growth.
"when is zoe coming home?" - Patches the calico cat
Writing this out has really helped me weigh out my options and it might help you if you're in the same boat as me. Hopefully, we'll know what we'll be doing come April 30th 2019!

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