A snapshot of what an Alternative to your next Reading Week could be like!

Ever wondered if there was an alternative to sitting at home planning to do something prooductive like reading your textbook for the very first time since September but end up just binge watching Netflix anyways or being stuck at a…

Toronto To-Do List

Reading week is debatably the best part of February.

Some students ditch the books and jet-set off on worldly adventures (hopefully to warmer climates) and others end up spending their week relaxing at home, visiting parents or *gasp*, catching up on readings.

This year, my reading week was spent in Toronto at my apartment, which was a first for me because last year I spent my week off at home home (AKA: my childhood home) with my family. It was nice to have an entire week to be in Toronto with a much less hectic work/school schedule to enjoy the wonderful city I am lucky to live in. I may have not spent seven days lazing it up in tropical paradise but I did cross some sweet activites off my “Toronto To Do List”.

The Chronology of a Cough

Hey all!

Here’s a transcript of a conversation I recently had with my body:

Me: Hey body! Have you heard? It’s Reading Week! We can catch up on sleep and dramatically reduce caffeine intake to get through the day!

My body: Its been very cold outside. I feel my defences are low. I notice that last week you slept less than usual. I’m thinking of expelling some of the mucus that’s trickling down your throat by developing a cough.

Me: No please! Body be strong! I’m stressed. I have so much to get done this week. I don’t have time to get sick.

My body: On the contrary! I’ve been strong, and I’ve been waiting patiently for this very occasion. It’ll be least disruptive now: you’ll be in contact with fewer people, and you will be able to nap all the time.

Me: Argh, ok fine! But please make it quick!