My wall of momentos during exchange in Sweden

2018 in 5 words

If you had to pick 5 words to sum up your year, what would they be?
Well, another semester has gone and I’m feeling really sentimental. The other day, I realized that not only is it the end of another semester, and another calendar year, but it’s also my last fall semester as an undergrad (*single tear*). And like the cheeseball I am, I like to reflect on this past semester and year by reminiscing about all the things I’ve loved, regretted, and learned. In my head, it all plays out like an emotional cinematic montage. But to translate all that into a blog, I’ll just sum up my year into some pictures and words.
my wall of a map of Skane in Sweden, and some postcards
I love maps and postcards
Some background info: My lovely editor Samantha, shared with me that instead of new years resolutions, she picks a word to embrace her year by, such as dedication or honesty for example. This gave me the idea to reflect on my past year in this way, but I couldn’t pick just 1 word, so I picked 5: 1) TRAVEL: thanks to my exchange semester in Sweden, I was able to visit so many new countries and meet so many nice people. My experience taught me to act more like a tourist, in the sense of exploring new places and cultures, including in Toronto. Another plus, I learned how to pack light! 2) HOME: after spending half the year away, and hopping from place to place, I learned to combat homesickness and loneliness by keeping in touch with loved ones, finding connections where I was and embracing what was around me. And through that, I learned that home is wherever I am.
a polaroid collection
I love polaroids
3) CURIOSITY: from exploring new places to trying new things to taking 6 course this semester, I’ve been letting my interests take the lead this year. And I’ve learned to listen to these interests by asking more questions, and knocking on more doors because I never know where these opportunities will lead me next.
three collages in a row
i love collages
4) CARE: in the midst of my curiosity craze, I forgot to listen to my body. It only took me getting sick twice this semester, to finally realize that I need to rethink my self-care routine and balance it out with my curiosities. 5) LEADERSHIP: since I started writing for this blog, I started seeing leadership as a skill that anyone can learn and believing that everyone is a leader, including myself. I’m grateful that through this opportunity I get to learn more about this once intimidating concept, get to know other great leaders and share my thoughts in writing.   Technically this was a lot more than 5 words, but in short, Travel, Home, Curiosity, Care and Leadership sum up my 2018. If you had to pick 5 words to sum up yours, what would they be?

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