No Trick, Just Treat @ 21 Sussex Clubhouse

There’s usually a nice assortment of tea, and a jar of candy on the coffee table, just saying.
The 21 Sussex Clubhouse hosted their annual Halloween open house last week. If you didn’t know already (don't worry, I only found out about it this year), the clubhouse is where the Clubs and Leadership Development department resides, working hard to bring students club services and assistance such as Ulife, and leadership programs. There’s the lovely staff from Student and Campus Community Development team. The clubhouse also houses over 50 different club offices and offers lots of shared spaces open to all students. Yay!
Happy Halloween card with a bat, skeleton, ghost, pumpkin and spider
is there a detective in the house?
During the open house, clubs open their doors offering candy and clues for a special scavenger hunt based on a murder that happened in the building long before it was the clubhouse (spooky!).     Basically, the open house was great way to indulge in some sweets, get a bit spooked, and talk to some clubs.
On a regular day, the clubhouse is still open to all, and it’s much less spooky, but still pretty sweet. One of my favourite spots of the clubhouse is the 3rd floor resource lounge.
couches of resource lounge
spot the xylophone
I like to come here, find a book from the library, and sit on the couch. They have a great selection on non-fiction for leadership development and personal reflection. In fact, they've inspired some of my #FridayReads!
Library shelf of resource lounge
I like big books and I cannot lie
There’s usually a nice assortment of tea, and a jar of candy on the coffee table, just saying.
table of resource lounge
new study spot
It’s also a great spot for writing some blogs or studying. There’s even a shelf of games and crafts with a button maker and a laminating machine. Hmm… I wonder what I need to laminate and what kind of button I should make?
crafts shelf of resource lounge
to craft or not craft
Check out the cluhouse's directory to find out what's inside, or come visit in person.
map of 21 sussex avenue
located at 21 sussex avenue

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