a sketch of a figure hugging a brain

Aware of self-care

Giving my brain a well-deserved hug with good thoughts and love after all the unnecessary drama I’ve put them through.
The leaves don’t seem to be the only thing that falls this time of year. I often find my motivation and energy begins to plummet right about now, as well. From now until the end of the semester, I’ll be raking in assignments and projects, crunching to meet back-to-back (sometimes simultaneous) deadlines and getting back grades that I’m expecting and not expecting. So, with things starting to pile up quickly and no sign of slowing down anytime soon, if I'm not careful, it'll be easy to fall back or burn myself out. And that's why I'm taking inspiration from good leaders who practice and encourage self-care. Because when I think about how I’d want to encourage someone else to take care, I also have to remind myself to do the same. Or if I see others taking care of themselves or encouraging others to do the same, I am inspired to do so too. A mentally healthy and physically healthy me, is a lot more productive, motivated, helpful and fulfilled than not, and I should protect her at all costs. And since it is Mental Health Awareness month and there's a million things to do, I want to practice some self-care by expressing some gratitude to an organ that works hard for me everyday: Thanks, Brain, for all the thinking you do. Even though you like to be in control of a lot of things and get scared more often than not, Sometimes you wonder and get distracted. Or you forget useful information that I should’ve memorized, and remember random information that I probably don’t need to know. But you help me solve problems, come up with great ideas and jokes. Thank you for all the connections you make. Thank you for all the knowledge and memories you hold. Thank you for all the feelings you feel. Thank you for all the learning you do. I hope to rest you well and take care of you to keep you healthy and strong. I’ll try to give you more breaks from thinking. More nutrients from healthy eating, More oxygen through deep breathing, Thank you, Brain, for all that you do. xoxo, Sam It might seem a little weird, but hey, why not give your brain a hug too, and say a little thank you? I'm sure they'd love to hear from you. a sketch of a figure hugging a brain

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