Keep calm, lead on.

First year:
Living on campus
a frosh in the Six.
Rolling in freedom,
like a ball of excitement
inflated with anxiety.

Orientation week,
More socializing than
this small awkward introvert
could handle.
Giving away my email
to more clubs than I could join.

A house full of heart
became my favourite hub.
Every week,
getting crafty,
working up a sweat.
Dancing in zumba,
breathing in yoga.

Alternative reading week,
a spring break volunteer.

Second year:
Courses – much harder than the first
Stress on the rise,
GPA falling.
Motivation fading.
Seeking help,
Weekly counselling,
Slowly opening up.

Going back to kindergarten,
volunteering twice a week.
Reading picture books with kids
by day,
reading Harry Potter
by night.
Will read anything but,
what appears on a syllabus.


Third year:
More comfortable than before.
Joined a choir,
learned to sing
outside the shower.

Gone abroad to see another part of the world,
exchanging schools for a term.
What’s going on over here?

Sweating in hot yoga,
Learning some business skills,
Practicing public speaking.

Travelling solo,
but I don’t feel so alone.
Embracing the kindness
of strangers,
turned friends.


Fourth year:
A little bit wiser,
always learning something new.

This time,
I can see
the daily practice of leading,
the confidence in being.

Never realized before,
the leaders in everyday.
Not exclusive to certain clubs,
titles or personalities.

Over the years,
all the interests I’ve followed,
that I’ve stuck with,
or left behind,
has lead me to now.

And growing stronger,
the leader within me,
has been here,
the entire time.

it’s time,
to lead on.

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