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Organizing my streaming schedule

Organizing my streaming schedule

Streaming shows, movies, and videos on the internet have been a plague to my GPA efforts in previous years. YouTube rabbit holes, seasonal anime, Netflix binges – you name it. These have been the number-one source of wasted time during school for me.

This post is about how I’ve come to manage this habit without cutting it out of my routine at all.

Set a time limit

I’m the type of person who becomes obsessed with things that I’ve taken interest in. This translates to academic doom when that obsession happens to be a series.

So, one of the solutions that I came up with is a streaming schedule.

Allotting specific blocks of time in my day/week to allow for a guilt-free, long, lazy binge. By organizing my commitments around this scheduled downtime, I can effectively prevent my lack of control when it comes to streaming shows/movies from impacting my academic performance.

Make a queue

I’ve found that watching multiple shows at once can keep me watching, say, Netflix, for many more hours at a time than if I were only to be invested in a single show.

Keeping a queue for all of the shows I want to watch and only allowing myself to watch one at a time really helps. I get bored of streaming much sooner when I’m only watching one thing.

Which sort of brings me to my next idea…

Stay on one platform

The same principle applies here. I can’t be allowing myself to jump onto YouTube after getting bored of Netflix.

By limiting my platform usage, I limit the amount of content that I can consume. This leads to me reaching boredom sooner than later, and, hopefully, moving onto more productive activities as well.

How much time do I allow myself 

I usually allow myself about 1.5-2 hours on weeknights to watch movies, shows, YouTube, or whatever I’m into at the time. For weekends, I schedule 4 hours, which are usually broken-up throughout the day.

I know it might seem like a lot, but I find it better to schedule more time for events/tasks than I actually need to. This creates more “free-time” to do other things.

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