Illustrating Joy

In the midst of scary midterms and stressful due dates, a week dedicated to celebrating the joy on campus couldn't come at a better time. In spirit of the Joy at U of T Campaign, I brought the question back to my fellow work study peers at the CCP office:

What brings you joy at the CCP?

Hmmm, well it's gonna take me more than a few hundred words to write down all the amazing things we could all think of, luckily I can illustrate them 🙂
For me, the friends that I have made and the memories attached with these individual friendship brings me great joy. It never fails to bring a smile on my face. These intimate connections that I share with specific people is what bring me great joy. -MW
Stuff that make me happy at CCP: 1. Committee meetings! 2. ARW 3. The link between the university and the city... I feel like the CCP is one of the only centres on campus that opens up UofT to the community in Toronto ? -OR
THE FOOD!!! We are well fed at the CCP 🙂 -RL
A safe, comfortable space to get work done and school work done -JP
Kyle <3 -MT
The community the CCP fosters of like minded (or not) students who are invariably passionate about enacting change and social justice -YK
Working with wonderful like-minded individuals who are always interested in improving, engaging the community and making a positive difference. -JB
CCP gave me the opportunity to foster lifelong friendships, contribute to meaningful projects and learn from my peers! -GW
CCP is a space that brings me joy because in an institution that often makes people feel overwhelmed, it is a place you can turn to for comfort. The people here become your family and it's a place that feels like home. -DR
As for myself, everything that's been said brings me joy but most of all, the CCP is a community within itself that has seen my growth, a place where I've got some of the best advice, and an incredible opportunity I feel grateful to have everyday 🙂 There's so much joy here, hope you got some too! Share yours with us! If you've got a chance, come to the CCP (Koffler House- 569 Spadina Avenue, Suite 315 (3rd Floor)) and be joyous with us! We don't bite, but we might have cookies for you to bite on! Join the conversation! Follow @UofTStudentLife on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for chances to WIN some cozy prizes, and spread the joy at U of T using the hashtag #JoyAtUofT

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