The windowed ceiling in Woodsworth.

Why You Should Take a Registered Athletic Class

The windowed ceiling in Woodsworth. As a U of T student, you probably have a schedule full of classes to boost your mind; what about classes to boost your physical wellbeing? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m kind of a fan of registered classes. They’re offered at U of T through Hart House and the Kinesiology faculty, and they’re a perfect way to stay committed to getting active with the added benefit of forcing you to be social. If you’re set on implementing a healthier and more active lifestyle next year, signing up for a registered class next term might be a great way to start the year off well. Though I didn’t take a class last semester, I’m planning to join one for the upcoming winter term! I’ve found that registered classes provide the accountability that helps me adhere to an exercise routine, especially in winter. With the Kinesiology faculty, there’s a huge range of programs to choose from. Looking through all the options makes me kind of mad at myself for not taking a class this semester. I think I’ll end up deciding on fencing, ballet, parkour, or trampolining. I’m interested in sports that are a little bit out of the ordinary; ballet looks like a fun challenge due to my slightly negative history with dancing, and fencing seems fun because you get to wave around a pointy thing and feel like Inigo Montoya. Registered athletic classes are also a pretty great way to try something new. You get to learn the basics of a new sport in a welcoming, low-stress environment, with an instructor who knows what they’re doing and is willing to answer any questions you might have. As a U of T student, most Kinesiology faculty classes run for around 10 weeks and cost between $80-$120. Hart House also has an excellent range of registered fitness classes, which you can see here. I can vouch for the effectiveness of the Learn to Run a 5k program, and you may remember that I took yoga. It was an informative class even though I didn’t like the sport itself. For the Kinesiology faculty classes, registration closes on December 7, so get on it! Check out available classes here. Be sure to like U of T Sport & Recreation on Facebook for a chance to win a free class, and to follow them on Twitter! Also, if you like graphic design, create a design for the Hart House triathlon for a chance to win a free Hart House fitness class registration.

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