Summer is Here!

If you have been down Augusta Ave. recently, you may have come across a flashy marquée that reads “Wrestlers” and wondered, “Hmm…what is that?”. No, it is not an underground fight club I assure you! I thought I would do a bit of exploring in the nice hot weather and came across this neat little coffee house and paletería.
Wrestlers Coffee House
Entrance to Wrestlers (Image: Meimei)
Their frozen treats come in over 20 flavours! 20 flavours, people! I would love to try every single one, if I could but unfortunately, it is not within my budget to do so nor would my body agree (hmm…BUT I am going to Zumba tomorrow at the Athletic Centre though, maybe a few ice-pops wouldn’t hurt, right?…NO, Meimei, NO!) 😛
Display case of the ice-pop selections at Wrestlers.
Look at those ice-pops! (Image: Meimei)
After much debate, I decided to go for the simple yet sophisticated flavour, Mango (YUM!). I brought along a fellow foodie friend/U of T student, Juli with me and she decided to go for the Strawberry Coconut flavour dipped in chocolate. Now, does that sound de-lish or what?? There were a variety of options too such as having it covered in peanuts, toasted coconut, or even Reese’s Pieces. I think it is a nice summer treat to help you cool down in the afternoon, wouldn't you say?
Fellow U of T student, Juli and I holding up our ice-pops for a photo.
Juli and I holding our ice-pops up for a photo-op. (Image: Meimei)
Since we were already in the area, we thought we would go have dinner at Grasshopper on College St. Yes, we had dessert before dinner (It was hot out, okay? :D). Grasshopper is one of my favourite vegan restaurants that is only a few minutes walk from campus and the prices are reasonable! The portions are HUGE so definitely a good deal. The Chick’Un nuggets are sooo yummy.
Photo showing the entrance of Grasshopper restaurant)
Entrance to Grasshopper (Image: Meimei)
Photo of the meatless chick'un nuggests
The Infamous Chick'Un Nuggets (Image: Meimei)
“I don’t know what it is…but it’s friggin’ good”, Juli says.
Photo of a meatless pulled-pork sandwich.
Pulled-Pork Banh Mi and Fries. YUM! (Image: Meimei)
Trying out new foods that tickle the palate is always fun and even more so with friends! Cannot wait for my next food adventure! Do you like trying new foods too? Been on any fun food adventures? Comment below if you do! I’ve love to hear from you. Until next time, amigos and amigas! M

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