Adventures in Wonderland

I’m addicted to the adrenaline rush. This addiction is a strange one because I would never go as far as jumping out of a plane, nor would I jump off of a bridge attached to a cord, but in this case I can’t seem to get enough of the rush. The entire package sets me off: the anticipation before the rush, the rush itself, and the reeling feeling afterwards. My name is Jasper, and I’m addicted to rollercoasters.

Seeing the Art Centre With a Different Eye

The red glow of the wall outside beckons you in. In huge sans serif letters, you can read “UTAC” – University of Toronto Art Centre, housed within University College. Curiosity at a new exhibit was what had me enter, and spectacular art was what kept me hooked.
Upon entering, my first thought was hey, this feels and smells like art museum – you know, the wide open airy spaces and clean fragrance of nothing. There is a wooden counter with a receptionist sitting behind it, who smiles at me. I’m filled with intrigue.

“This is a new exhibit?” I ask stupidly. She smiles, obviously used to this question, and replies,

“Yes! This is the new photography exhibit we have featured until July 30th.”

Sixteen Candles: U of T’s Pride Pub Coming of Age

a picture of a lit candle being held during a vigil
candles at the Toronto vigil for Orlando victims

June is Pride Month and regardless of how each one of us identify, it is a month that we all should be proud of. A month where we can rally together and celebrate diversity, equality, inclusivity, and freedom from discrimination. This year is an especially important one. Just a week ago, the LGBTQ+ community was shaken to the core due to a mass shooting in Orlando at Pulse Night Club, which claimed the lives of 49 people and left 53 others injured. The scale of this hate crime is the largest of its kind and one that has sent ripples across the world and throughout the LGBTQ+ community. In response to such a tragedy, LGBTQ+ communities in solidarity have stood defiantly, reclaiming the original intent of Pride Month: to fearlessly push back against violent discrimination by loudly celebrating diversity and being more visible, because everyone has the right to love and be loved without being afraid.

Making my way downtown…

Summer is fun; the sun is shining, birds are singing and people on bicycles are ruling the streets in all of their shiny-helmeted glory. I remember looking at the bicyclists of Toronto with envy, noting the wind in their hair, the flushness of their face and their wonderfully sculpted legs. Every time a car-driver cut off a bicyclist in front of me, I would scoff and shrug my shoulders, giving the bicyclist an understanding shake of the head in solidarity (as if I knew all the struggles).

I adored them and I wanted to be them!

Unfortunately, as you all well understand the struggle of being a broke student, I never ended up saving enough money to actually buy a bike. It just never happened. My dream of being one of the cool biker kids never came true.

Until recently. ENTER BIKECHAIN.

The front entrance of Bike Chain

An Ode to Lee’s Palace

A brief review of one of my favourite concert venues in Toronto — Lee’s Palace.

This past school year, I lived in a creaky, vintage (old) house comprised of both students and young professionals. Inside, examples of some common occurrences were: uncomfortable heating spikes, cleaning up other peoples’ messes so I could cook dinner, and, my personal favourite, forgetting to bring some toilet paper rolls from my room to the bathroom only to realize the terrible mistake I made later on in the day.

Beating the Summer School Blues

Picture of a house and white picket fence in the summer
Steinbach, Manitoba from my road trip across Canada.

Summer. What a gloriously wonderful season! A season full of sunshine, street festivals, and memorable travel adventures. For students it is the season of rejuvenation after diligently working through two semesters of intense learning, a much deserved break. But there are a handful of brave souls, myself included, who venture into the summer season with no break in mind. Instead, these souls forge forward with dreams of triumph, fearlessly taking on the dreaded summer course (or courses)! These brave souls are known as the summer students.

The Start of a Great Journey!

Picture of yours truly with my archaeological finding!
Oh, the excitement of our first discovery at the Drawsko site in Poland! Credit: Danielle Donnelly








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