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Oh, Reading Week, that glorious, majestic, magical gift. It started off with such promise; you had such high hopes. Tasks would be accomplished, fun would be had, naps would be napped. All of a sudden, it’s Thursday. If you’re anything like me, you’re starting to feel a bit anxious that you haven’t made enough progress. Many tasks on your To-Do list remain woefully unchecked. It turns out that Netflix was your one true Valentine. That wily temptress has sucked away your time and energy; you have nothing left for 18th Century Philosophy, or French pronouns, or even Lord Denning!
Pictured: Clipart Laptop with eyes playing Netflix and holding flowers
My funny Valentine [Image courtesy of:]
Time to panic? Not so fast. When I reassessed my Reading Week situation, I realized that I have accomplished quite a bit, even if I haven’t yet touched that reading and I’m only half finished that essay. Here are some of the ways that I’m now measuring my progress: I cleaned! I mentioned in a previous post that I recently got quite sick. Last week, I had to play catch-up in a major way. Unfortunately, that meant that plenty of other stuff fell by the wayside. My poor apartment definitely took a hit. I’m a pretty tidy person generally; mess makes me very upset. At the start of Reading Week, I took my time getting everything ship-shape once again. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. There’s nothing like blasting your music and tango-ing around the apartment with the vacuum, is there? No? Just me? Gotcha. I socialized! I love a good Robarts party—don’t get me wrong—but it’s nice to actually get out there from time to time. This week, I showed some friends around Toronto, I saw a few movies, and I attended a pizza party! It was nice to catch up with everyone before we all crawl back into our respective work cocoons in a few week’s time. Reading Week is kind of the calm before the storm, isn’t it? I planned! My mission, as always, is to find a CV-boosting summer job. I have been doing lots of research and preparing applications. It’s really comforting to know that I already have some irons in the fire. Reading Week is a great time to get on top of that sort of thing. I rested! So. Much. Napping.
Pictured: my adorable dog
I mean, how could you say no to this cuddle buddy?
I explored! I have been exploring Netflix, yes, but I have also finished a couple of books that I have wanted to read for ages! It was a bit too cold for much outdoor exploring this weekend, but I did discover a cute new coffee shop and I went on a walk by the lake today. Often, I tend to write these sorts of things off as non-essential, but I’m realizing more and more that taking some “me time” gives me a much more positive outlook. I end up being more productive as a result.
If you did anything that made you smile, feel more relaxed, or just feel better generally, then you haven’t wasted your Reading Week! Also, guess what? It’s only Thursday! There is still plenty of time to do some more schoolwork, catch up with a few more friends, watch a movie or two, or explore somewhere new. If you go back to class next Monday feeling at all recharged and ready to get back to work, then Reading Week will have worked its magic after all! Be sure to check out how Emaan has been rocking her Reading Week and let me know what you've been up to in the comments below!

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