A Touch of Summer in the Middle of Winter

large round leaves against a glass ceiling I've been in a bit of a creative rut lately. Between the perpetual grey weather and the sudden onslaught of midterms, I've been finding it difficult to feel inspired. Thankfully, this changed when I attended VicXposure's Allan Gardens Photowalk this weekend. The bright greenery and the group of happy photographers were more than enough to shake me of the January gloom and doom I was feeling.  DSC08723DSC08742 As you might have read in Emaan's post about it from last summer, Allan Gardens is a beautiful (and completely free!) bontanical conservatory located just 15 minutes east of campus. When you walk in, you're immediately greeted by giant palms, warm air, and the smell of spring. DSC08769DSC08770 The instant summery feel that Allan Gardens gives is a gift any time of year, but it's a great pick me up from the winter blahs. The tall glass ceilings make you forget that you're inside, and seeing the CN tower peek from behind a giant fern is always a fun sight to see. DSC08801DSC08823 However, the best part of my trip to Allan Gardens was getting to spend it with a group of photographers that were there to have fun and be creative. DSC08788 This was my first VicXposure event, but everyone there was so warm and welcoming that I felt like I had known them for ages. DSC08789IMG_2275 If you're interested in seeing the photos that the other photographers took, or want to check out their next event, you can find VicXposure's Facebook page here. DSC08807

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