The Most Magical Place on Campus: Visiting the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library

There are few things that go together better than Robarts and Buzzfeed. We've all had that moment where your twenty minute coffee break turns into an hour of reading listicles and finding out which celebrity dog you are. Things got…

A Touch of Summer in the Middle of Winter

large round leaves against a glass ceiling I've been in a bit of a creative rut lately. Between the perpetual grey weather and the sudden onslaught of midterms, I've been finding it difficult to feel inspired. Thankfully, this changed when I attended VicXposure's Allan Gardens Photowalk this weekend. The bright greenery and the group of happy photographers were more than enough to shake me of the January gloom and doom I was feeling.  DSC08723DSC08742

Showroom: A Trip to the New Exhibition at the Newly Re-named U of T Art Museum

Ever since my trip to the University of Toronto Art Centre last semester, I've fallen in love with the space. I don't find many things more relaxing than a trip to an art gallery, and having one on campus, and a beautifully curated one as well, has been wonderful. a blue neon sign reading "skyline"

The Wonderful World of Student Run Cafés

With the new semester, I've found myself with a schedule that leaves me with a lot of time to kill on campus between classes. Though school may have only just started, I've already grown tired of frequenting the same Starbucks every day, and my wallet is really feeling the pinch. This week I decided to kill two birds with one stone: explore as many student run cafés and restaurants as I could in order to find a place that I wouldn't mind spending time in, and that wouldn't hurt my wallet. Diabolos Coffee Bara sign reading "diabolos" with an illustration of a coffee cherry After a hiatus last year, UC's 50 year old student run cafe is back and better than ever. Diabolos' space in UC's Junior Common Room was recently renovated into a bright and airy one, dotted with ivy and tiny succulents. Diabolos specializes in espresso based drinks (all of which can be found under $3!), but also offers delicious locally baked cookies, kombucha, as well as vegetarian wraps and sandwiches. photo of hanging plants above the counter

Hopping Into the Holiday Spirit: A Trip to the Toronto Christmas Market

December is my favourite time of the year. Well, it usually is. Since starting university, the stress of December exams has sapped up any and all of the holiday spirit in me. After realizing the fact that the most spirited thing I did last December was house a slowly dying 15 inch evergreen tree in my dorm room, and reading Emma's reflection on her relationship with exams and holiday traditions, I decided I was going to stop myself from spending my favourite time of year locked up in the library eating all of the chocolate out of a discount advent calendar. illuminated letters reading "naughty or nice"