#HowDoUMove: the DPA of UNI

If you grew up in an Ontarian elementary school, you probably remember the Daily Physical Activity (DPA) program, which required teachers to facilitate a minimum of half an hour of physical activity per school day. It was a commendable initiative, but it fell short for me as my school's idea of physical activity was to get us to run around the neighbourhood boulevard right after we arrived at school. For me, this was not ideal as I was the kind of kid who more-so preferred long, slow, chatty walks in the morning, and not running in my low-rise Garage jeans being chased around by my homeroom teacher. dpafort It wasn’t until my intermediate grades that I got into running, and stuck with it on the high school cross country team. Now as a full-time university student, I recognize that it can be challenging to find the same time and energy resources to be active. That said, I am able to achieve my prescribed half an hour of physical activity on most days. Recently I wrote about being a fitness instructor on campus; how I love going to yoga classes, or going on long walks in the city, and whenever I can, taking the stairs to and from my classes. This week, the MoveU team asked students across campus how they manage to keep active. Students had an opportunity to share their favourite types of physical activity: as one would expect from St. George campus, the ideas were diverse and awesome!
MoveU Crew volunteers Michelle, Aaron, Alcina, and Andrea at the Summer Job fair booth on Tuesday!
MoveU Crew volunteers Michelle (likes stretching while watching TV), Aaron (likes to lift and sprint0, Alcina (trains with the Waterdragons boat team), and Andrea (likes Hip Hop class at Hart House!) at the Summer Job fair booth on Tuesday!
Student visiting the booth had the opportunity to answer the question #HowDoUMove ?? 12471386_1110344682323334_2256964100852917616_o-2 Here are some ideas that I picked up from St. George students:
playing basketball
Playing basketball!
Trekking through the snow!
Trekking through the snow!
Bike to class (even in the snow!)
Bike to class (even in the snow!)
Going for a jog with my dog!
Going for a jog with my dog!
                  These are just some of the ways students are active, and there are many more photos on the #HowDoUMove FB Event page for the campaign. Some of the other ideas I heard and gathered from the MoveU crew:
  1. Go for a fast-paced walk through campus
  2. Take the stairs to and from your classes
  3. Attend a drop-in program at the Athletic Centre, Goldring Centre, or Hart House
  4. Get active during chores like raking leaves, doing the laundry, or shoveling snow
  5. Practice yoga at a Mindful Moments session
  6. Join an intramural team
  7. Do stretches or sit-ups while watching TV
  8. Attend a MoveU ice skating event
  9. Take instruction in something new like swimming, dance, fencing, or Cycle Fit
  10. Toss a Frisbee or ball around in Kings’ College Circle
All said, there are an unlimited number of ways to stay active on campus! #HowDoUMove ?? Let me know in the comments below and tweet me @HealthyUofT!  

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