Exploring Toronto: Allan Gardens

Ah reading week. A time to kick back, relax, and hopefully go on a tropical vacation. Unfortunately the view out my window isn't currently a beautiful warm paradise but what appears to be a frozen wasteland (I kid, I kid. Toronto I still like you, just not this -40 stuff). So, in an attempt to make the most out of the magical free time that comes with reading week I decided to head over to Allan Gardens and pretend I was living it up Island-style.a glass greenhouse is seen in the distance. in front of it are 5 bare trees and a whole lot of snowAllan Gardens is over on Carlton Street between Jarvis and Sherbourne, so it's not a very long walk from campus (although perhaps it's not the best thing to do in -35 degree weather). Once you're there it's so warm and lush and green that the freezing cold walk was worth it.a curving path is in the middle of the picture. on the left side of the path are green plants, pink and red flowers, and a climbing plant that hangs over the path and has red flowers. On the right side are green trees.   I definitely prefer being inside with all the plants than outside with all the snow. snow is seen through a window. in front of the window are tropical plants and trees. orange fruits hangs from bright green branches in front of a blue sky seen through the glass roof. Fruit! Giant palm fronds! Greenery! This place is the perfect remedy for February blues; it reminds you of all the good that is going to come with spring and summer.Slooking up at the domes roof of a greenhouse through the branches of tropical plants and big palm fronds.  orange flowers bloom on green branches against the blue backdrop of the sky seen through the roof of a greenhouse There's just something about seeing so many flowers in the middle of February that makes everything great. close up of white flowers with pink edges Yeah, this is definitely a tropical paradise. Toronto I love your little hidden gems. green palms and other green tropical plants are illumiated from behind as the sun streams through the glass What is everyone up to for reading week? What are your favourite staycation spots around Toronto? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @Amie_UofT

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