Reading Week Blues

It's Reading Week. Lord God Almighty, it's Reading Week! Reading Week. That magical time of the year where I could go anywhere, and take a nice breather. A whole week of sowing my wild oats? NYC? MTL? The possibilities are literally endless. For 8 days (excluding Family Day), the world is literally my oyster. This must've been how Rihanna felt when she stopped caring about public opinion, and became BadGalRiRi instead. This is clearly what Ariana Grande meant when she sang "Break Free." Free at last, free at last. This is the part when I break free (of the metaphorical chains of my academic institution).  Oh my God, what a long-winded joke. That was all a joke. I, like many other students, are not free during reading week. This is not a #Staycation for me, Rachael. This is not an extended period of "recreation." No, this is an extended period of the opposite of that. I sound like a bitter middle child right now, but I promise that's only because I'm 2 weeks behind in readings. YIKES.  How did that happen? Well, in between organizing events, student government, reading responses (LOL), midterms, and midterm papers...Well, I forgot readings existed. I'm sending positive vibes to anyone in a similar situation, and if you can't relate at all... Go back to Facebook. Kidding... Kidding! Good for you for staying on top of things, but I gotta watch out for my brothas, sistas, and friends who are still fighting the good fight. Reading Week is a critical time in the development of our semester, much like a child's transition toward adolescence.  So, how are we going to make this an effective Reading Week?
  1. READ: What a revolutionary idea. Yes, I also do wear florals in spring. Seriously though, it's integral that you read during Reading Week. The minimum goal of my week is to make sure that I'm caught up. If you can, try your hardest to try to get ahead. I hope to be at least one week ahead. I know I'll hate myself getting there, but nothing compares to the pure unadulterated euphoria you feel when you're ahead! Set goals each day for your readings. Your mind, body, soul, and GPA will thank you.
    A picture of a Metro newspaper article. The title is "TTC yanks 'phallic' sign." You can imagine how funny this is. They made a map that looks like a phallus by mistake.
    On top of your assigned readings!
  2. LOUNGE: I'm giving myself 2 or 3 days during Reading Week to do nothing. There's nothing wrong with that. I need it. Half a semester isn't objectively a long time, but that doesn't mean it didn't wear me out. Giving myself some time to clear my mind before setting up nest at your desk for the next week is healthy for me. Marathoning Empire clears my mind, and there's nothing you can say to change my mind.
    A picture of me as a baby with my mom and dad. It's a very 1995-esque picture. I look like I am wearing a potato, and everyone seems very happy about that.
    Don't forget to lounge on Family Day!
  3. TREAT YO' SELF: Add some incentives to do your work. Maybe even be a little bit fiscally irresponsible! Tell yourself: "You know what, Ondiek? You deserve to order Pad Thai if you finish half these readings." Reward yourself for being awesome. Fuel that awesomeness with carbs.
    A picture of like 400 Burger King chicken nuggets with some fries.
    Although, remember to exercise a little self-control.
And that's my #Staycation plans. What about you UofT? Send me a tweet @Ondiek_UofT or comment below!  

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