UTSU Clubs Day 2014

Hey there U of T! To all those participating in orientation week, I hope you're having a blast getting to know your new home for the next four (or more) years. to everyone else, I hope you're enjoying this last week of summer and gearing up for the new year! DSCF4041 On Wednesday, UTSU held their annual clubs fair where each of U of T's 250+ clubs get a table at Hart House Circle and give out information (and occasionally free stuff) to students. In case you missed the fair, or couldn't fight your way to the front of a line to sign up for a cool club, Ulife has a directory of clubs right here. Check out some pictures from the Clubs fair below!
Hanging out at the Student Life booth! There was popcorn! And books with my face in them!
So many clubs and student associations to join! I'm very excited to see the Importance of Being Earnest at Hart House this year and I salute the brave souls in the U of T bees club!
clubs3 So U of T, what clubs are you excited to get involved in? 

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