Day Use Lockers — A Practical Remedy for Book Hoarding

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I used to live ten minutes from off campus, but last April my family moved out of town to greener pastures. I got alot of “the commutes going to kill you” and “you’ll be wishing you never moved after you commute for a few months”. I was fully aware that commuting would be a pain in the aft quarters. However, I wasn’t ready for the literal pain that my move would bring.

I used to be able to run home between classes and nary was the day that I ever lugged reading material to campus, but now I find myself carrying research material, course readers, and other assorted printed materials onto the go train. My backpack is literally busting at the seams. Most days I have a two to three hour break between classes and I need to spend this time doing schoolwork. Nearing the end of the first week of classes as I mounted a set of stairs, my backpack, which was slung over one arm, shifted and forced me off balance. As I was elegantly planting my face on the fast approaching marble step, it occurred to me that there had to be another way. Surely I could bring all my books with me to campus and not break my back or face. At first, I thought about a rolling backpack with one of those neat handles that pops out of nowhere. I realized that as I was rushing across Queens Park that I may look like someone who had lost his or her way at Pearson and had somehow ended up on campus. This is not the general vibe I was going for. Between classes as I was rushing into Kelly Library to get some reading done, I came face to face with a sign that would change my world! Okay, well it might not have been that dramatic, but I was excited about .it to say the least.  The sign read as follows “Day Use Lockers ---free”. Firstly, if you have ever read any of my past posts you’ll know how I feel about free stuff on campus. I am a fan. Secondly, I am in my third year and I had never heard about these “free lockers”. This game changing epiphany would allow me to lug as many texts to campus as my heart could ever desire. Then like a little studious squirrel I could stash these books away into my very own book den, until my starving brain needed them (Fig A.) Oh yes my fellow students, I had solved the commuters conundrum. Instead of trudging into class like a Sherpa would has just summited Everest (I know they don’t actually summit the mountain), I would walk into class carefree and unhindered by my heavy backpack. I have become that commuters know who I'm talking about. The one who arrives at class with nothing but a clipboard, and a pen; the one we are so envious of.  Unhindered by my heavy backpack I can waltz into class light as air and then on my breaks I can still retreat to my daily use locker to retrieve my pile of books so that I can buckle down and do my readings and research. Best of all, my back doesn't hurt anymore! Contact the circulation desk at your favourite library on campus to inquire about day use lockers. Alternatively, most colleges have lockers for rent for a small fee for the semester. Try them out and let me know what you think! -Lori

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  1. As a first year, I heard about and rented a locker from my college (Trinity College -St Hilda’s lockers). As a commuter from Mississauga, I’ve felt the pain. I like the location of my locker, because most of my classes tend to either be at around Mclennon and Vic, and I kid you not, it’s usually Mclennon in the morning and Vic in the afternoons, so I usually end up passing by Trinity on my way to my classes. Ut cost 30 bucks, but its a real nice location, and it’s a big help!

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