Over and Out.

I can't believe we're here already. The end of the term and my last post as an lifeatuoft blogger. I've served my two years, the first as a new blogger and my last as lifeatuoft's senior blogger. I'm sad. I will really miss talking to all of my fellow students out there in cyberspace. It's bittersweet. I'm excited to move forward, but I will miss the weekly rants and reviews. I've been blogging for lifeatuoft since I started school here at U of T and it's become a normal part of my school week. It will be interesting when September rolls around again and I will experience my first day here at the university in which I am not on the lookout for events, meetings, or random entertainments to write about in my weekly post. If you'll allow me to be sentimental, lifeatuoft has given me the opportunity and motivation to explore this campus in a way that I probably would not have done if I weren't a blogger. I have met some really great and funny people along the way. Last year's bloggers and this years bigger team are all stellar individuals. As I leave lifeatuoft, my hope is that you and I both keep exploring. There are so many things I would still like to blog about. Just the other day, someone randomly asked me if I knew about the rooftop pool on at Hart House; that would be a great post on campus myths. Today I saw an ad for a Ukrainian Easter Egg painting workshop at the Centre for International Experience; there's a fun opportunity to write about how I lack any artistic ability. Here's the thing. I think I'll keep doing these things even if I'm not blogging about them. I can't undo what lifeatuoft has done to me. I am curious now. I can't help myself. I take photos of funny things on campus, just in case I could use them in a post. I am on the hunt for shows, workshops, protests, and concerts at all times. This is part of what it means to me to be a student here at U of T and I really don't think it will go away. I'm attending an authentic reproduction  of a medieval play next week just for fun. I'm going to do  some exam de-stressing  hot yoga the following week and I am most definitely attending a minimum of two end-of-year formals in the upcoming month. All this for no other reason than that I want to. lifeatuoft has made me curious about our big beautiful campus and I hope it makes you feel the same way too. I want to thank all of you who have read my posts through all the joy, hilarity, and stress that being a full time student can bring. Signing off for the final time, Lori...over and out.  

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