So I got a TTC Ticket

Astounded and flustered, emotional and confused, last Friday I was given my first ever ticket, which was from the TTC. I just can’t believe it.  I share this with you so you can avoid the same experience. Probably the most important is to a) have the TTC Student ID card, which you can get from Sherbourne station and b) carry it with you at all times. If you don’t do both, you can be issued a ticket for $235.00. If you get stopped, don’t be intimated. I was, well, because I’m really sensitive. Keep your emotions in check, know the colour of your card and only state your truth. If you get issued a ticket, you can fight it. Instructions will be on the back of the ticket. It’s important to get disclosure: a report of what the TTC officer wrote, so you can challenge the statement if it is untrue. Go to the provincial court, speak with the prosecutor and tell them what happened. They can reduce or eliminate the fee. If you want to challenge the charge, you’ll have to apply for a trial. That’s another can o’ worms. I’m going to fight the charge, wish me luck! Desiree

8 comments on “So I got a TTC Ticket

  1. So what happened with this? I’m fighting a ttc ticket tmrw morning and I would be interested to hear what the outcome was.

  2. Desire. What was the end of your story? I mean…. did u have to pay the fee??
    I am having the same problem. It just happened

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