Navigating the Career Abyss: Extern Job Shadowing, Part 1

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Trying to figure out what career I want, or how to get there makes me feel like Alice. Yes, that Alice, the child who fell down the rabbit hole into the abyss of oddities. Except my confusion isn’t make believe, and I don’t like rabbits who talk (but singing flowers might be cute).  My abyss is metaphorical –I am confused, like many of you, on where my life should take me, and more specifically, what career(s) would suit me.  So, I’ve decided to take a detour outta that rabbit hole and into the Career Centre, where I’ve enrolled in the Extern Job Shadowing Program. So what is this magical program?  Well, for one thing there aren’t any sneaky Mad Hatters who want to set you off track, but career-knowledgeable people who want to help students discover what kind of job would be good for them.  The externship is essentially a fast-paced internship: you get to ask a professional loads of questions and tour the workplace of your interest, all in the span of less than 4 days.  After all, as the White Rabbit says: "who has the time, time! I am late, late for a very important date!" According to former participants, it’s a great way to reaffirm the desire for the career you want, but also to show the reality of the career you are vying for.  Ignore that Cheshire Cat telling you you’re going the wrong way; follow the footsteps into the program as you’ll meet fellow students (not piles and piles of tea cups!) where you will share your different areas of interest –but the best part of the orientation is hearing that other students share the same anxieties and excitements about the career discovery journey. This is an invaluable opportunity because we all know how competitive getting internships can be.  The program helps you through each stage of the career path, from locating what interests you to what kind of lifestyle you see yourself having.  Don’t want to be like the White Rabbit who’s always in a rush? Hate sitting all day like the blue Caterpillar? The program will help you locate what you’re looking for and match you with an externship. So, you might be wondering, what are the careers that I am interested in? I’m considering law, writing, journalism or something more creative, maybe a locksmith that only makes magical keys . . . As I make my way through the Wonderland of Careers, I will be sharing my insights into the Extern Job Shadowing Program. Till next time! Desiree

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