The student goes cheep-cheep, saves a buck…

I've found that finding free and cheap stuff on campus can be a bit of a chore, so for the last week, I've been rummaging through U of T's student societies, colleges and local hubs scouring for everything free and cheap. The result? A list to rule all lists! You can thank me later. Every Monday If you're anything like me, your week starts off at a snail's pace. Apparently, everyone else on campus is on the same page and for all my scavenging, I couldn't find a single event or deal hosted on Mondays. Maybe it's better that way. Every Tuesday Every Wednesday
  • Wednesday seems to be the perfect storm of free and cheap food and events. I really wish these could be spread out over the week, but am I really complaining about the cacophony of options for my Wednesday brunch, lunch, after class drinks and miserly merriment?!
  • FREE Pancake Brunch at Victoria College, Burwash Hall (11am - 1pm)
  • FREE Br(L)unch at Woodsworth College, Kruger Hall (12pm - 2pm) Most of the time it's pancakes, but around the end of the semester, you might be treated to a surprise grilled cheese or poutine.
  • $5 Lunch at Hart House Great Hall (11:45am - 2pm)
  • $4 Vegan Lunch at the Hot Yam, 33 St. George Street (12pm - 2pm) Don't let the vegan part fool you, this is one of the best meals you will have all week!
  • FREE admission to the Art Gallery of Ontario, Dundas and Beverly (6:00pm-8:30pm)
  • $4 Martinis at Hey Lucy. Yes, every bar has drink specials, but how often as a student do you get to feel this fancy for this cheap? There are over 20 different martinis for only three bucks a pop!
  • $10 student tickets at Hart House Theatre. On stage now is The Great American Trailer Park Musical, described by the New York Post as "South Park meets Desperate Housewives!" How can you pass that up?
Every Thursday
  • $1 Pizza at University College, Junior Common Room (12pm - until they run out) Bonus! It's not the student-staple Pizza Pizza, it's Cora's!
Every Friday
  • $3 Beers at SUDS. Sanford Fleming Atrium (3pm - 8pm)
  • FREE movie screenings at Innis College, Innis Town Hall (7pm-10pm)
  • FREE BBQ on UTSU Front Lawn, (This Friday, 2pm - 6pm)
Every Day
  • $1 coffee at Diabolos, Junior Common Room, University College
  • $1 bake sale treats in Sidney Smith Hall Atrium Not a sure thing, but most days there's at least one club raising money by selling tasty homemade treats. Just yesterday, I picked up two peanut butter cookies and a handful of macaroons for 50 cents each!
  • FREE drop in classes at Hart House and the Athletic Centre (times vary) Zumba, GrooveNation and Bootcamp. Suffice it to say, this ain't your everyday fitness class!
  • FREE Movie Rentals from Robarts Library
  • FREE Admission to Varsity Blues home games
Hopefully you'll now be able to enjoy discovering campus while satisfying the penny-pincher in all of us; and of course, if you know about more great free and cheap stuff on or around campus, feel free to share with us in the comment section! See you guys next week, Chad P.S. My first video is on the cutting table, being readied for next week, I hope you're as excited as I am!

11 comments on “The student goes cheep-cheep, saves a buck…

  1. Every Monday there’s free shiatsu massages at Hart House! Not sure what time, but their website gives you full details!

  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks for your comments and yes, those are some great finds, especially the $5 breakfasts at Futures!

    Rouya, I’m a tad abashed that I missed the Free Massages at Hart House, but I truly thought that they were only offered during exams. In any case, thanks for the tip and here’s the link!

    And to add, apparently Hart House also has Free Tea and Cookies on “ThursTeas”

    Free cookies AND puns! And they say UofT has nothing to offer outside of class?!

  3. “$4 Martinis at Hey Lucy. Yes, every bar has drink specials, but how often as a student do you get to feel this fancy for this cheap? There are over 20 different martinis for only three bucks a pop!”

    Is it three or four?

  4. Hey Mike,

    Sorry about the mixup. Although talk about the water cooler is that they are three dollars, their website says $3.99. Either way, with most bars in the area charging upwards of $8, it’s definitely a steal.


  5. So I totally went to Burwash Hall on Wednesday around 11:30ish ready for some pancakes… and there was nobody in the dining hall… It also didn’t say anything about pancakes on the menu posted there.

    I was kind of dissapointed haha. Anyone know the scoop on this?

  6. There’s affordable, vegetarian/vegan, locally sourced meals at Harvest Noon! It’s the same building as Graduate Student Union, on Bancroft Avenue. Prices range $1.50 – $6. Also, coffee and tea for $1!

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