The best quiet spots on campus – Part 2

I feel like I should call yesterday's post the "West End Edition", because then today's can be the "North End Edition" and tomorrow's the "Centre Edition", but I've already named yesterday's post. In the spirit on continuity, let's just keep with the part numbers. Today, I explored the quiet spaces on the north end of campus. Let's revisit Innis College, because I grabbed some of their fabulous fresh juice smoothie at the Cafe this morning. I walked out, and I saw a set of stairs leading to a second floor. Obviously, I went up to explore, and I'm so glad I did, because I'd like to introduce you to: 1. Secret Garden (IN) It's small and secluded. I was surrounded by greenery and I can hear the birds chirp and bees buzz. Like, literally. Just look: And the space when you walk out of the garden is also nicely quiet too: 2. Munk Center (MU) This place is gated and it's incredibly serene. Look at the water fountain! 3. Graham Library at Trinity College (MU) Walk into Graham Library and inhale. If you love the smell of old libraries, this is it. It's completely distinctive, and I love it. In general, this library is quiet, but for an even quieter spot, go to the second or third floor, and go to the end of the hall. Yes, you're going to past the door with the exit sign above, but look. Here's where you exit to: 4. Trinity College Quad (TC) Trin! We are the Salt of the Earth! But you can't blame us (yes, I'm a Trin kid). Look at our quad. It's beautiful. 5. Philosopher's Walk I had to tell people to get off the bench because I didn't have enough release forms with me. The extent to which I go for you guys, dear readers. Anyhow. Philosopher's Walk is mostly quiet, but Romeo and Juliet just started at the Philosopher's Stage, so it may not be the quietest place right now. Oh, Romeo, Romeo! 6. Music Library (EJ) They have a fabulous listening room where each carrel has its own media deck and headphones. 7. Bora Laskin Library (LW) Bora Laskin is the Law Library, so of course there are spaces designated to law students only. Some, but not all. Apart from that, however, check out the area outside also. 8. Emmanuel College Library (EM) This Victoria College space was recommended to me from the people at Massey College who refused me entry (they have a small, beautiful water lily pond, but it's limited to resident students only). And just in case you were curious about Massey College, check out their gallery here. Shhh... It's apparently for Massey students only. Boooooo. 9. E J Pratt Library (PR) Ooooh. Guess what I saw when I was on the second floor of E J Pratt? A open concept study space. It's chic, modern and has a wonderfully high ceiling. You may have noticed by now that I love high ceiling space. Like yesterday, please let me know your favourite quiet space! I'll check it out and report back. Also, tomorrow, I'm heading over to the centre of campus. Stay tuned!

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  1. Where is there around campus that two people can study together at? I don’t want to just go to the cafe or a coffee shop, they’re too loud and smelly ):

    1. Hi Nicole! Here are some of my favorite quieter spots on campus, where you can still talk a little bit:

      -Hart House Maps Room
      -4th floor of iSchool at Robarts Library,
      -Kruger Hall at Woodsworth College
      -Gerstein Library Study Rooms (you can book these online)
      -Sidney Smith Study areas on the first floor of the building

      Hope that helps 🙂

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