New College, The Window Student Newspaper: The Meeting

Editor In Chief


Copy Editor


Other Section Editor

Business Manager


“Hey, are those girls still mad? You know, the one’s who wrote those articles that J. stuck notes to at the end?”

“I still think I was right…”

“J.! We went over this last month! That’s not the point! You can’t just write crap after people’s articles! It’s like a journalistic sucker punch.”

“How come we don’t have food? The African students association next-door is having their meeting…it smells like they have French fries.”

“I dunno, ask our business manager, do we have room in the budget for food?”


“So, what are we thinking for this month’s issue?”

“Did you know someone complained? They were all, ‘this issue is all colour and no content.’”

“Hey! Bonus! That’s like a compliment for me, my layout skills rock.”

“I wish someone had brought cookies.”

“So, do we know what we’re doing?”

*Discussion * *discussion *content * *content *

“Alright! Not bad guys, not bad. Ok, so we have some issues to discuss…”

“End of the year party! I say we go dancing.”

“I say we go drinking.”

“Let’s have dinner!”

“…I like steaks….”

“Well, we have to ask our business manager if we can afford it…”


“Also! Next year. I believe we all graduate. Am I right?”




“I hope so.”


“Ok…so we need new people to do our jobs. I say we set up a table with some food and woo people. And do some postering. I can see the tagline: Write for the Window…We’ll Pay You. And we do. I don’t think people know yet that we pay writers and staff…



“I said we should get people who want to do it! Not just for the money.”

“Wow…when did we get so many morals in the room?”

“Are we doing this in Sid Smith? Or in New College?”

“Let’s just see which isn’t booked already.”

“Let’s rent a cotton candy machine!”

“…I love this idea…”

“Yeah! And people who sign up to write, bring a writing sample, or a resume…don’t have to pay for the cotton candy! And we charge everyone else! This is great! We might make a profit!”

“…wait…what happened to all those morals about getting people who wanted to write, all pure and with no ulterior motives…?”

“Ok guys, this is good, I like it. It only costs like $150 to rent the machine for 300 servings.”

“How do you know this?”

“Oh…umm..long story..Ok, finally, staff profiles. You all need to do one this time. Picture and 250 words about you. Seriously. Do it already. Alright, recap: I want all content in by next Wednesday, production starts Thursday, April 8 will be cotton candy day, I mean, recruitment day… all of you come to the grad formal—don’t be a loser—and our end of the year party will be after exams. It might be nice if some jello shots were involved.”

“This meeting’s over right?”

Our business manager and our copy editor spin around in their swivel chairs and face the office computers again, to finish their race car game.

“You have no idea how stressed I am, I swear, my essay was due like a week ago. I hate this time of year.”


The rest of us leave and walk outside. It’s raining.

“I think I might miss this next year.”


– Heather