Summer Company Program! Making Marx Cry!

I wish I could remember where I saw this advertised; possibly in The Strand, right under the “POSSIBLE 25% INCREASE IN TUITION NEXT YEAR”, but don’t quote me. Anyways, children… this.

The “Summer Company” program is held every, gasp, summer. You basically start and run your own small business throughout the summer. If you are accepted, you receive up to $1500 in start-up costs, an additional $1500 in the fall after the program is completed, at least 12 hours of business training to help you begin and (inhales) the chance to participate in bi-weekly business mentoring groups.


It’s open to students aged 15 to 29. I believe in the newspaper I spotted this, it read 15 to 19… breaking my money-hungry heart in two (I did mention the tuition increase, yes?). Or, I read the thing wrong. Either way, it’s open to the standard undergrad of average age-ness!You have to be returning to school in the fall, and… many other eligibility things just waiting to be read by you at the actual site.

I think every year while I was in high school, my mom would see this in our local paper and was all like “APPPLLLLYYYYYYYY” and I never did. The reminder of the program’s existence was welcome this time, as I like to think that certain areas of artistry I delve in have… cough… widened slightly upon leaving high school. In short, I sew a bit better. Why not sew for others? Upon reading/thinking I read ages 15 to 19… and having just turned 20… I felt a huge pang of REGRET. The initial fear, now soothed by the 19 actually being a 29, is really making me want to apply. Unfortunately, another criteria for applicants is “Not working for more than 12 hours (per week) at another job.” For the ambitious, I guess this can work if McDonald’s and H & M reject your resume. Or, you could smear fries on the $100 t-shirt dresses, thus getting yourself fired from both.

I feel like I’ve sold out by telling you about this. Luring you into the ‘competitive world’ of capitalist business-ness. Making use of your ‘creativity’ and ‘communication skills’ for money. Boooo. My vocabulary has suffered this past year.

But, am I not also luring you away from multinational conglomerates, eager to use your talents for their own purposes? Have I clearly not read my Poli Sci readings in sufficient detail?

So, fellow exam-fearing hermits… if you’ve ever had an idea for your own business, the Ontario government is willing to hand you some dough, pat you on the back, and push you off the bungee jump platform. I say go for it… Before you turn 29.

Or you could always start one on your own. You’ve got four months off.

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  1. Liesl, this looks like an amazing program. There is another, too, that a friend of mine did, through the government again:

    She got paid a weekly wage for one year to start her own eco-fashion line, and her business really took off afterwards. I think there are loads of ethical ways to pursue business- you shouldn’t feel like you’re “Luring people into the ‘competitive world’ of capitalist business-ness.” Although I quite like the sentence and am glad you put it in your post.