In Which Change is Not a Bad Thing

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Things did not go well into the sunset
When I first got to university, I was convinced that I knew my path in life; things would go swimmingly. I was going to finish strongly academically with a degree in history and cinema studies, move on to do graduate school and eventually become a filmmaker or get a job within the film industry. I had no time to think about pursuing extracurriculars or consider my hobbies as important or even get into a romantic relationship. I had a concrete route and I wasn’t planning on exploring the woods around me. But a year later, I slowly got involved with my student council. I started seriously taking up and practicing photography, changing my plans for what I wanted to do after university with every photo session I couldn’t help booking. I had adamantly told myself that I wasn’t going to date in university, and I went and got myself a partner.

Planning & Responding to Change: the Teaching & Learning Symposium

If you've been reading our blog for a while, you're probably wondering: what's wrong with this Charles guy? The other bloggers write about really interesting things, like going to plays and the TIFF, trying out yoga and segways, dealing with mental health (Harry Potter style), quitting…