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#JoyatUofT: Balancing Self-Care and Studying During Reading Week (and Beyond!)

Missed our #JoyatUofT Facebook Live? Watch the replay here! 🤩 University of Toronto students Izzy, Amal and Jo from Academic Success and Health & Wellness share tips for finding balance (which will look different for everyone), keeping calm and getting…
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My Experience Applying to the Learning Abroad Program

Going on a Learning Abroad opportunity is more than just attending classes in a different country — it is also about immersing oneself in new cultures, forging lifelong connections, and gaining a global perspective that transcends traditional classroom boundaries! As…

A Guide to Self-Care while Navigating University Exam Seasons

As we head into arguably the busiest time of the semester, we often find ourselves neglecting our own mental and physical well-being in pursuit of academic success. As a Psychology and Nutritional Sciences major, I’ve learned that our well-being deserves…
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3 Ways I Keep Balanced

It can be so hard to keep up a good work-life balance as a student. Often, it can be the case that we flip between being hyper-productive and getting nothing done, because we burn ourselves out. The key to preventing that burnout is BALANCE, which can be difficult to justify sometimes, but it will undoubtedly improve your life and will also make you a better student!