Orientation Experience

A photo of two students smiling at an Orientation event
A glimpse from UTSU's Orientation event

They say first impressions about anything are crucial, and I knew that Orientation would give me an overview about what university life would be like.

Orientation is the most special and imperative part of anybody’s university experience, be it attending Orientation as a first year or leading/planning it. This one week full of events, excitement, and energy gives everyone a positive yet impactful bag full of memories and learning. 

A crowd of students at Sir Daniel's Quad cheer while watching other students perform on stage
First years at Sir Daniel's Quad

When I first came to Toronto, I knew no one. And the one thing I knew for sure was that the one week of Orientation was my golden opportunity to network with incoming first-year students and my peers. With more than five events each day, every hour was filled with something new and different. Sharing Instagram handles and dancing with people I didn't know at Orientation was intimidating, yet fun! 

The most memorable part of Orientation for me was the Open Mic Night organized by UC Orientation. Playing the guitar in front of 250 people was a different experience altogether. I felt like they were attending my concert, with almost everyone cheering and flashlights waving in the air. The other memorable moment during Orientation was attending an evening organized by the University of Toronto Students' Union (UTSU). This was the time when students from all colleges gathered together for an evening full of happiness and contentment. 

Students walking on the University of Toronto campus as part of a tour
University tour as a part of Orientation

If you’re an incoming first year, my only advice to you would be to make the most out of your Orientation experience 'cause this only happens once during your time at U of T. First year doesn’t come back, and neither does this first-time Orientation experience. Make every minute memorable! 

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