Graphic saying 6 Tools I can't live without as a student

6 Tools I can’t live without as a student

Productivity is something that I have always struggled with. Given that we only have about 24 hours in a day, at times we may feel as if we need to fill each and every minute with something or else we feel like we’re wasting time. This can lead to questioning whether or not we're doing enough especially when we start comparing ourselves to others. This is something I am presently trying to unlearn as I think it is more important to seek balance. That being said, here are 6 tools that help me stay productive as a student.

1. Notion

Screenshot of Bolu's Notion Homepage
Screenshot of Bolu's Notion Coursework page

The first thing on my list would have to be Notion! I could probably go on and on about how much I love using notion because when I tell you that it can help with everything, I mean everything! I personally use it to keep track of my academics, extra curriculars, goals and more. I have found Notion to be very customizable and intuitive for the most part. For example you can embed a weather forecast, spotify playlist and so on. The downside to that is that at first it may seem hard to know exactly where to start but there are tons of YouTube videos and templates to help to get started! The best part is it's free for the basic subscription and I’ve never felt the need to upgrade!


Screenshot of Cuckoo homepage

One of the best study tips I’ve heard is to study in chunks. For the longest time, I would simply study for hours at a stretch thinking that the longer I spend studying meant that I was being productive and would result in better academic success. To be honest, this only left me feeling frustrated and burnout. One of the best study tips I’ve heard is to study in chunks and I usually prefer to use a Pomodoro Timer and there are so many different kids on the internet but the one I prefer is Cuckoo. This allows me to stay on track, be able to set time for breaks and it also has the option of studying with others!


Screenshot of Bolu's Goodnotes page

For my classes, I prefer to annotate the slides provided by my profs and to keep all my courses organized. There are tons of note-taking apps available and but I prefer Goodnotes since it’s only a one-time payment and is very easy to use.


Screenshot of Factile
Screenshot of Factile

This website is perfect for creating a Jeopardy-like game that allows you to create custom questions which you can use as a fun way to study especially with friends. I personally used it a lot for studying for memorization-heavy courses as well as a part of my RSG.


Screenshot of WeTransfer homepage

Picture this, you’re trying to send a video or document via email and you get a notification saying that the file is too big. Trust me, I have been there multiple times and the one thing that has made a difference is WeTransfer. I have been using WeTransfer forever and it’s a great way to send larger files, documents and videos through email.


Screenshot of ILovePDF homepage

This website is a lifesaver for when you need to change documents to a different file format ie from jpg to pdf. It’s also great for reducing the size of a file as well. Plus it’s free to use!

Final thoughts

Although, these are only the some of the tools that I use, I encourage you to also take the time to explore and figure out what work best for you because what works for one person may not work for others!



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