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5 Ways I Take Care of Myself During the School Year

Because self-care is the best care!

1) Have fun, but not all the time βš–οΈ

Overindulging in the things I enjoy was one of the quickest ways I made myself feel burnt-out in the beginning of the semester. I would spend a majority of my time posting on IG, playing my ukulele, talking to friends, etc. and I had no energy left to dedicate to my school work. I would feel guilty for procrastinating and unmotivated to catch up. 

πŸ’‘ Lesson learned: self-care means finding a balance between what you want to do and what you need to get done, and holding yourself accountable.

2) Forgive myself often 😌

On the other side of that coin, whenever I don’t meet a deadline or get as much work done as I had hoped, it’s important to me to forgive myself. I am aware that time management is one of my weak spots and I have my whole life to sharpen that skill. 

3) Experiment with food πŸ˜‹

Pictured: Naan and red lentil curry, matcha cookies, and homemade pizzas. Yum!

Living off-campus and learning to cook for myself has been time-consuming, but nonetheless fun. I feel taken care of when I can make a good meal for myself. And it's even better when I get to cook with my sister or friends!

4) Talk through my feelings πŸ—£

Keeping my friends in the loop on my life makes me feel a lot closer to them. Another part of self-care for me is relying on the people I trust for emotional support and connection. The counsellors at the U of T Telus Health Student Support (formerly U of T My SSP) are also amazing to talk to when I want an unbiased perspective on my life or issues.

5) Walk to school 🚢

My walks to school are always therapeutic. I pop in my earbuds and let my mind wander as I make my way to campus. Plus, it feels good to get outside and get moving.

Wishing you luck on your self-care journey!


Anisha Latchman

2nd Year CompSci & CogSci | Life @ U of T Digital Storyteller

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