Circling Back To Campus

Ever since classes returned to in-person, I have started spending more time on campus which has encouraged me to get involved in on-campus activities. Recently, I found some new study spots, fun activities and workshops that enable me to gain a more wholesome university experience.

Ever since reading week ended, I have been attending a Tai-Chi workshop on CLNx where I practice slow mindfulness exercises. These exercises make me more active for the day and act as a boost for my body! These online sessions help me meditate in a new and fun way.

When on campus, I often find breaks between lectures where I have just enough time to squeeze in a mini study session. These breaks allow me to explore new study spots. Recently, I found that the Sydney Smith Commons has opened up study spots for students. Also, the library at University College is very beautiful and exudes a vintage academia vibe for studying.

Going back to office hours in person has been such a fun experience. Not only have I have been able to meet my professors on campus, but also my classmates. Additionally, I found that getting out of my apartment really helps me to focus on studying, since it gives my brain the break it needs. Ever since I started going to campus, I have found myself feeling more rejuvenated and active. Even further, this return to campus has motivated me to believe that I can get more out of my student experience on campus.

Since Spring is around the corner, I also found a variety of cute cacti and succulents at plant stores near campus. It is the perfect time to buy some indoor and outdoor plants to care for until Summer arrives. I recently came to know, through a scientific article, that keeping indoor plants may actually reduce psychological and physiological stress over a period of time. With exam season slowly approaching, I found a perfect reason to splurge on some indoor plants!

Some succulents I found at a store near campus!

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