Choosing Relaxation over Productivity during Reading Week

This reading week, my family and I made the journey back to our homeland of Trinidad & Tobago to prepare for my uncle's final rites. I was set on bringing all of my coursework to study and be productive...and then we lost internet...and electricity.

So, during reading week I was forced to make the decision to actually...relax?

Here is how it went.

Initial Panic and Epiphany

Women hunched over desk and laptop with her head in her hands, visibly frustrated and worried.
Women panicking over work, from

I immediately began to panic, I had research team meetings, I had assignments to finish that I got extensions on, I had work meetings! My anxiety took control for a few moments, and I had a panic attack in the shower.

However, after I had calmed down, I realized this was literally a situation out of my control and there was nothing I could actually do to make it better. I had to actually go with the flow, and when I could connect again - let my professors and bosses know what the situation was.

Maybe being disconnected could be a good thing?

Getting to be PRESENT with my family

4 people standing under the Manmohansingh Park sign in Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago
My cousins and I at Manmohansingh Park, Cedros, Trinidad

One of the reasons we went to Trinidad was to spend time together and mentally prepare ourselves to say goodbye to our uncle/cousin/brother/father. Being disconnected allowed me to fully appreciate this time, laugh, cry, and feel connected to those who mattered most.

Actually going places

Picture of Caura River, Trinidad and Tobago
Caura River, Trinidad

If I were connected to my laptop and work all week, I would have chosen to stay home locked in the house instead of going out with my cousins. Being disconnected allowed to me to adventure and go places I would have usually opted to stay out of.

Picture of the Las Cuevas beach in Trinidad and Tobago
Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad

Actually De-stressing and Restored Energy

When I was forced offline, I got actually be stress free for a week. I knew in the back of my head once I returned to Canada I was going to have to a monstrous week catching up and getting ahead for the rest of my assessments and going into finals.

However, those seven days helped to renew my energy and since I got back, I've actually been able to focus and get things done!

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