Making the Decision to Study in the U.K

On January 20, 2022, I got my first acceptance into a master's program. A Master of Arts in Politics at Queen's University Belfast!

I initially applied to Queen's, honestly thinking I would not be able to get in. I applied thinking about the adventure alongside my studies.

When I got in, I was completely floored! The opportunity and the adventure suddenly became real. I sat down with my parents, who are my number 1 supporters, and practically begged them to consider it. I had to weigh many pros and cons before I convinced them and myself that this was going to be worth it.


Looking out the window of an airplane to see the sunset
Sunset in the sky!

I am a homebody, I don't leave the house much. But I LOVE to travel. Studying abroad for the year would get me out of my comfort zone. Also, being in Europe for the year may allow me to see more than one country while I am studying.

Con: Missing My Family

4 cousins taking a selfie in front of a restaurant in New York City
My Cousins and I in New York - Summer 2019

The prospect of being so much further than my family, is probably one of the biggest cons. I depend on them a lot more than I think, especially for emotional support. I would hate getting to see them less than I already do.

Pro: So many interesting sites

Picture of Belfast Harbour, looking towards the Titanic Belfast Exhibit
Photo of Belfast Harbour, Taken From:

The R.M.S Titanic was built in Belfast, Game of Thrones was filmed in Belfast! I would get the opportunity to explore the first historical event that captured my interest and one of my favourite shows of all time (justice for Season Eight)!

Northern Ireland also has beautiful architecture, historical sites, and hiking spots -- very picturesque.

Con: The Cost

Stack of Canadian Dollar Bills
Canadian Bills, Image taking from

International tuition can be a deal breaker - paying almost 10,000 GBP more than the domestic students in the United Kingdom.

When making my decision to study here, if I didn't qualify for a scholarship, I would have not considered it in the slightest! I am lucky between my parents and I; I was able to afford my undergraduate education with no loans. So, considering a Student Line of Credit for this opportunity is one we can afford. 

Pro: Length of Programme / Course Material

The great thing about this programme is that it's only one year, full-time. Plus on their website for each course has an outline of all the modules students will get to take - all of which were directly related to my research interests!

Ultimately, the pros outweighed the cons, and with great family support not only here, but in the U.K. where some of my cousins are -- it seems like the right fit for me. Here's to the next adventure!

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