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Struggling to maintain your goals? Me too :(

Now that we’re at Week 6 of 2022, how are you doing with your new goals?

I don’t know how January was for you, but I didn’t feel like it was a new year. I didn’t even make a resolution, surprisingly. Maybe because we were in a lockdown, so it felt less exciting? I don’t know. It feels weird: It feels like January didn’t happen.

I'll admit that lockdown had its perks. Besides studying, I was able to practice new habits since I had a lot of extra time. However, with school going back in person (yay!!), I’m definitely feeling the pressure I put on myself to maintain my new habits.

Last semester, my sleeping schedule was all over the place: it was a huge mess. So when the new semester started, I took advantage of the online format. I adjusted my schedule so that I could have classes as early as 9:00 a.m. to have a productive day. I know this schedule will force me to wake up so I don't waste the whole morning. Since my classes in the morning are important ones, I know I can't sleep in, but there already have been days when I wish that I didn’t have to wake up early. So far, it’s not too bad, but who knows what will happen when everything is due on the same week?

For my physical health, thank you to the Multi Faith Centre – I’m practicing yoga again! I’m following their 8 weeks of Introduction to Yoga schedule and I’m extremely proud that I’m making the time to take out my yoga mat, breathe and move. However, with midterms approaching, I have had instances when I was deliberating between attending the session to de-stress and spending the time to work so that I can sleep early. During my last session, I couldn't focus much because I was anxious about the amount of time I had for the rest of the day....

However, I'm committed to finish this 8 weeks program. My next goal is to attend at least one session of the U of T Virtual Fitness Program (free for UofT students!) With restrictions lifting up though, I believe I will be spending more time walking outside. Hopefully you're doing something to maintain your physical health too.

Lastly, the goal I’m really struggling with: sleeping at a consistent time. I don’t expect myself to sleep early, so instead, I told myself to at least sleep at a consistent time. How is it going, you ask me? Not too well. I have stopped tracking the time I go to bed since every day has been different. I think I’m more stressed about not getting enough rest instead of the goal of sleeping at the same time.

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It’s hard. As students, I feel like our ultimate goal is to make the most out of our academics. I have to admit that there are some things, especially the small ones, that we tend to or have learnt to sacrifice in order to fulfill our responsibilities as students.

That said, it's very important to prioritize well-being. So far, I'm doing quite well in eating healthily and connecting with people: I’m spending at least 2 hours a day to cook my meals and I try to meet my friends once every week since I live off campus.

You’re not the only one who’s probably thinking about the challenges when it comes to maintaining your new habits. I know how hard it is to be healthy in this fast-paced U of T lifestyle. Take your time! I still hope I get to maintain my healthier version of school life even when I go back to in-person classes. I hope that you get to keep your new habits too!

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