How I get ready for a New Term

Despite half of my grades not being posted yet...we're back U of T! A new semester, a fresh start for 2022.

Even though we are starting online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to share with you my favourite ways I prepare for a new semester -- with some online school additions.

1. Check my grades from last semester

ACORN homepage
The ACORN homepage to login

One of the best ways for me to get ready for a new semester is to find closure from the last one. The best way is through checking my grades on ACORN and even if I am slightly or severely disappointed, it'll help me set goals for the next semester.

Also, since I've applied to grad school, it'll help me check how my GPA is turning out.

2. Review syllabi and organize deadlines

Excel Spreadsheet of deadlines in order of due date. Classes are colour coded and the spreadsheet is organized in 5 columns: course code, assignment name, assignment weight, deadline, late penalty and a personal completion tracker
Deadline Spreadsheet Winter 2022

This is something I started in last year's online terms - by organizing deadlines ahead of time I can get a picture of what my weeks are going to look like. Additionally, by noting things such as assignment weight and late penalty it can help with pacing the writing process for essays or studying for tests.

3. Reset my workstation

desk with computers and books
Work-from-home set up

One of my favourite ways to feel ready for a new term is to reset my set-up, it helps me create the feeling of a fresh start.

I clean it down, dust my monitors, put paper in my printer, and ensure everything is set up for easy access. I also bought a new laptop stand!

4. Setting a self-care goal

candle burning
Nightly self-care set up; lavender candle, diffuser, and skincare

I know, most people prioritize academic goal setting, however, I believe setting a goal for balance is just as important. Especially with us being online for the next few weeks, it can get hard to turn your brain off at the end of the day. Self-care goals can be anything you want! Something that makes you feel good and help reduce your stress.

Some of my favourite activities are:

  • Going for walks (depending on the weather)
  • Reading a new book or old-favourite
  • Listening to a guided meditation
  • Taking a bubble bath

5. Attempt to fix my sleep schedule

alarm clock
Alarm clock sleeping in bed taken from Genetic Engineering and BioTechnology

Key word, attempt.

With a new course and work schedule, it's important that to enough sleep. If I don't I will most likely be rolling out of bed blurry eyed and will not understand 90% of what my professors are saying at 10:00am.

Right now I've been trying to set a time where I can start winding down and get into bed by a decent hour... let's see how this plays out during the semester.

Welcome back U of T! Have a great Winter Term!

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