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⏰ How I Manage My Time Between Studying and a Work Study ✍️

For new students, or those unfamiliar with what a work study is, it offers University of Toronto students jobs whereby they can get involved with affairs relating to the university. There are over 3500 students who are employed through this program every year, which has two hiring seasons: one before the fall term and one before the summer term. There are requirements for maintaining course loads to be eligible, so it is best to consult with the work study program page on CLNX for more information. As well, feel free to get in touch with an academic advisor at your college for more information.

I applied for a few work study positions at the start of my first year, but it wasn't until the summer after my second year that I decided to try again. That time around, I had a transcript and some research work added to my resume. I received three interviews and two offers, among which I decided on a research assistant position in the UTSC's department of sociology.

After the summer ended, the professor I was hired under asked if I wished to stay on—to which I replied 'yes'. And so, I have been in the same work study position for one and a half years, with the expectation that I will continue until I graduate next June.

The position was a sizable time commitment. Most weeks, I logged around 10 hours—all of which were completed remotely. My time is split between conducting research (e.g. collecting government-released data) writing code, attending meetings, and doing miscellaneous tasks like creating visual graphics. My hours were also flexible, such that if I couldn't make one of the weekly meetings due to a time crunch that was alright as well.

I have made a lot of connections with other students and professors through this work study. I really value my involvement in the research group, which has lent me a greater understanding of how vast academia is. As a political science and American studies double major, it can be difficult to make time for taking courses outside my programs. Through this work study, I have been able to learn more about data science and sociology. This perspective is already helpful in helping me decide which graduate program I'll apply for.

So go shoot your shot and apply for a work study! Browse through the positions via CLNX. You can find it via the jobs and recruitment tab on the left panel, then by clicking work study, then by clicking work study jobs—all of which appear on the left panel. Applying for jobs can be an arduous process, but it certainly pays off! If you have any questions about a certain posting, you can always email the person listed as the contact for the job. Good luck! 😊

A screenshot of the work study posting page, notice the drop-down menu leading to this page on the left.

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