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Hello Summer! – A Letter to My Post-Finals Self

Dear future, stress-free self,

You've come so far in your undergrad journey. Just take a minute to reflect on the past two years you've had at U of T and I hope you realize that you truly are a superstar. No, but really, you've handed over 30 deliverables inclusive of major term projects, lab reports, Wileys, Tophats, Webworks and Quercus quizzes. With every deadline, you worked towards delivering your absolute best effort while learning and growing in the process, even though you may not have realized it at the time. With every midterm test, you spent hours studying for, crying for and losing sleep for, you still made it through, appreciating your 50s and 90s altogether.

You're literally almost done with undergrad and you'll soon have that iron ring on your little finger, and the part 2 of this letter will show up when that time comes but for now let's appreciate the present!

I remember how motivated but worried we were at the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year. "How am I going to stay motivated?", "what will my social life look like?", "How will I deal with burnout?" but with every issue you pulled through with a solution, new habits were developed and you found a way to do well with your academics. You were also super involved on campus and as a blogger for Life at U of T all through a whole pandemic!

There's so much more to look forward to, you have two years left! Two years of more memories, two years of good food, two years of more blogging and two years of making amazing friends at U of T. But for now, and for the present, put your books and work away, and Hello Summer!!🌞

Love, Memma

Life at U of T
A wonderful year with the blog!

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