7 Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Life

Hey everyone! This week I challenged myself to spend some time making art. I honestly haven’t been doing much these days so I wanted something to make me feel both creative and productive. Below is how I tried to incorporate creativity into my life for a week, along with some fun links for online inspiration.  1. You can find a collection of Toronto based art projects for online use here: Toronto Arts@Home. I focused on visual art, but this website has tutorials for much more. This was how I came across instructions on how to make a Picasso Inspired Self Portrait. I did have to change a few things up (because I didn’t have a “parent” to outline the silhouette of my face lol) but here is the result:  Picasso art.Picasso art. Picasso art.Picasso art.   2. A lot of galleries have put their entire collections online, so I spent a few hours exploring. You can find collections from the MET, AGO, ROM and much more. Some websites have virtual tours so it actually feels like you're walking through the gallery. My favourite that I found has to be St. Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum because the online tour allows you to see the amazing architecture as well as the artworks!
Inside the State Hermitage Museum.
Virtual tour inside the State Hermitage Museum.
  3. A friend of mine introduced me to this super cool website that lets you input a photo of yourself, and it will turn you into a painting! (Yes, I am indeed guilty of trying this with a bunch of celebrity faces). Try it yourself here: https://ai-art.tokyo.
AI generated painting.
Me as a painting.
4. My art history professor included this tapestry making website in our most recent module on the Early Medieval Period!  5. There’s also a lot of other options out there. Hart House is offering a bunch of creative courses right now including one on Smartphone Photography. 6. Because I found myself procrastinating on doing this challenge (literally something I wanted to do for fun), I decided to try drawing as a study break. When I finished an assignment I would sketch for a bit.  A sketch.   7. I also tried to use art as a sort of morning mindfulness task. I woke up early, and after making myself a cup of tea, I immediately started on colouring a bit of my Picasso knockoff. I realized that including time to make art during the week really helped soothe my mindset. What I produced didn’t need to be good, but at the end of the day it still felt like I’d accomplished something.  Let me know if you’ve discovered any fun art projects recently!    

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  1. Inspiring! Nothing as pleasing to do as making stuff to get you out of your’self’. I’ve been weaving shoelaces and thinking about painting since the start of springtime.

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