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Dance Week in the Life

I have been loving the Day-in-the-Life and Week-in-the-Life blog posts Rachel T. and Janette recently did and I wanted to jump on board with the trend too! Instead of writing about my boring old school schedule I thought I would share my Week-in-the-Life but for dance.  Recreational dance is honestly how I get through my week. I dance for 5-6 hours every week, and I always make time for it because I know that my mental health often reflects how much physical activity I’ve done. This is the third year that I’ve been a part of the Only Human Dance Collective at U of T, which is a huge club that is all inclusive (ie no experience required), and that's how I fit most of the dance into my schedule.  Here is how my dance schedule went last week: Monday - no practise, though if I'm not dancing I'm usually drawing it out! choreography.choreography.choreography. Tuesday - no practise, but I try to go to Zumba each week at Hart House drop-ins Wednesday - no practise Thursday  This is usually my busiest day, and I dread running all over campus (why is everything scheduled back-to-back but it’s all so far away??), but I have something to look forward to at least! I try to grab dinner at 5:00pm because at 6:00pm I have Contemporary dance.  Then, I’ve got two hours to kill before I have another Contemporary class at 9:00pm. It’s a long day for sure, but it’s worth it. I always leave dance feeling energized and stress-free.  Olive dancing.Olive dancing. Friday Technically I don’t have any scheduled dance on this day, however I am a choreographer this year for OHDC, which means my co-choreographer and I meet up on Fridays to choreograph and practise our routine. This is basically us fooling around in an empty studio for an hour.  Lily and Olive dancing. Saturday This is when we teach our dance! At 4:00pm people come to our class to learn Contemporary (if you couldn’t tell, I really like Contemporary). The routine we are teaching is to ‘Big God’ by Florence + the Machine. I really love being able to watch our vision of the dance come together when all our dancers are doing it together.  Immediately after, at 5:00pm, I have Traditional Chinese. I tried out this type of dance last year and absolutely loved it. It can be painful on the legs, but I think it’s one of the best types of dance to watch (so beautiful).   Olive dancing.Olive dancing. Sunday This is possibly my favourite part of the week, because it's Tap dance time! I dance at Byfield Dance Experience every Sunday. I’m still a beginner, but everyone in the class is super friendly so it creates a welcoming atmosphere. It helps to remind me that there is life outside of the U of T bubble.  Dance shoes. Some things I always have with me: 
  1. water bottle
  2. lock
  3. snack! (grapes, an apple, or a granola bar usually)
  4. hair elastics
If you’re interested in watching the OHDC performance it will be on March 19-22, at Hart House Theatre.  What’s your favourite type of dance to watch? And what’s your favourite type of dance to do? Have a great week everyone!  

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