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Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Final Reflection

*Poof!* And just like that, it’s already the end another academic year.
Grateful …and tired, is how I would sum up this year. It’s been a year of more growth and so much leadership, that I didn’t realize was all around me before. I’m so thankful for this blogging experience and being able to share my leadership journey.

Here’s some things I’m grateful to have learned this year!

EVERYONE is a leader! I’ve already said this before, but I’m going to keep saying it! YOU are a leader, I am a leader. We’re all leaders, capable of developing our leadership skills in everyday capacities. I’ve learned that no two leaders are the same and we all come from different experiences because it’s important to make space for each other, so we can all grow together! Connecting with other people I never expected that I would meet and collaborate with so many different people this year. I feel that the socially anxious caterpillar that was me, has metamorphosed into this less socially anxious butterfly. It’s been lovely getting to know others, learning from them, and sharing each other’s time. A special shoutout to the Life at U of T Community Crew this year 2018-2019, - Ellora, Zoë, Rachel, Karim, Simrit, Eman, Grusha, Joanna, Diane, Samantha, Emi, Tanith, and Tali. So inspired by these super awesome leaders! Busy is exhausting Reaching the end of this term has been super rewarding but also challenging. I really packed as much as I could into this year way more than past years. I’ve definitely accomplished a lot more than before, but I’ve also gotten sick a lot more and burnt myself out more this year. For a while, I really got caught up in the high of feeling being busy and getting more things done that I lost sight of what I really value. I’m really glad that I challenged myself this year, and that I learned where my limits are. I realize that being busy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and appreciate smaller to-do lists a lot more now. The infinite magic of books I’m really looking forward to slowing down and making more time to read this summer. One of my favourite things to write about and share with you has been all the books! And so, I just have to share a couple more books with you, one last time. To continue my journey of leadership and growth, I’m adding Oprah Winfrey’s The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose, and Eva Chen’s A is for Awesome!: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World to my reading list. I can’t resist the wisdom of Oprah and a picture book about inspiring women!
oprah's the path made clear and eva chen's A is for awesome books on a couch
Photo Credit: thank you to Finn and Carrie from U of T Bookstore
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  Thank YOU for growing on this journey with me and I hope you have a lovely summer! Carry on and lead on! - Sam

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