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Overheard @ U of T

“I’ve had this problem for a few years, every time I’m going to get a haircut, Justin Bieber happens to get the same one” – Two grad students in Lash Miller’s stairwell
Occasionally, I tell my parents not only about my day but also about the things I overhear on campus. Mom: "Why are you eavesdropping??" It's ? not ? my ? fault ? people ? talk ?so ? loudly. Be it waiting for the traffic light between Bahen and Galbraith or darting down a stairwell, snippets of U of T conversations always brighten my day.
squirrel looking cute
I wonder what conversations the squirrels on campus have
Here's a list of my favourites this year and some that just make absolutely no sense. Your guess about what they're talking about is as good as mine so use your imagination!
imagination gif by spongebob with a rainbow
cred: troisheures
"... give opportunities to those who value your time and attention" - Someone giving their friend dating advice in Sid Smith. "Don't drown! Make sure you're very specific with the software"
hand drowning in technology
cred: University of Southern Indiana
"I put it on Kijiji - I swear to god so many people contacted me. Like so many people" "Is it 1894 because these look like freaking illustrations, bro" - Two guys looking at the graduating class photos in MedSci.
convocation hall in the old days
cred: Toronto Public Library
"I deliberately condensed my classes so that I wouldn't..." "She has a boyfriend and he buys her fancy things and takes her out and stuff, like dude... I can't afford all that..." - Two guys in Chem Club. "There's something about watching the snow fall from a warm place"
study spot in Graham Library
cozy in Graham on a winter day
"... examiner and he was passed out ..." "And then you say - "apple is a fruit" and you walk away""
apple logo with real apple
Cred: exklamationmark
"I rather be in the country than the city" "Get on the yellow line and KEEP GOING"
TTC subway map
cred: TTC site
"My roommate just snapped me... he can't wait wait to go to bed tonight. Honestly, same" - on a Monday morning. "..uh no, uh.. so a tutorial? That's so late!" "I've had this problem for a few years, every time I'm going to get a haircut, Justin Bieber happens to get the same one" - Two grad students in Lash Miller's stairwell.
JB's hair timeline
cred: bizzlefly on pinterest
"It would be a glorious day in Canada and therefore the world" "IT DOESN'T MATTER" - someone shouting to their friend across the street from Galbraith. "As if a lion has ever seen snow"
lion walking in snow
cred: telegraph UK
"Dude I get paid nothing. I get paid like 20 cents" "It takes a while to understand, to think like a computer" "I used the U-lock against the backpack"
U lock and backpack
"Come on guys let the cars turn too" - At a crosswalk near Robarts. "Zhong guo the tian feng" (China's day wind) - On a windy day in November near the Exam Centre. "I had a banana split the size of a football"
banana split the size of a football
"... now back to deciding where we should eat" "Because Siberia is a much more useless climate" - When it was -21°C on campus "I have a problem set due. I have many problem sets due" "Almond milk is like water trying to pass off as milk" - Myhal during lunch.
almond nut with an utter
we weren't made to drink nuts!!!
This may be my last blog post but my list will keep growing while I'm still here at U of T. Thank you for the indirect inspiration and motivation that have brightened my commutes on campus. Keep the conversations alive, U of T! ?

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