Posts on POSts Part 1: Enrolling in POSts

It's that time of year again: time to start thinking about enrolling in your Program(s) of Study (POSt). If you're a first-year student, then this will be your first time doing this and you might be a bit confused by the whole POSt thing. If you're an upper-year student, chances are you've done this before—but you still might be a bit confused and want some reminders if you plan on switching programs. This week I'll be doing an overview of what POSts are and how to properly enroll in them. Next week, I'll be switching gears and talking about some of the personal factors that might go into deciding on a POSt like hopes, doubts, and expectations. WHAT IS A POSt? POSts are your Programs of Study. Each POSt comes with its own set of prerequisite classes and requirements, both for graduation and for program enrollment. There are three main types of POSt: specialists, majors, and minors. Students are typically given three enrollment options that involve these POSt types. You can enroll in: 1 specialist program, 2 majors, or 1 major and 2 minors. The difference between these types is in the amount of FCEs (Full Course Equivalents) that you'll need to complete each one.
The three types of programs as shown in the Arts & Science calendar. Caption: As listed in the current Arts & Sci
As listed in the current Arts & Science calendar
Once you understand the three types of programs, it's important to consider how this plays into what you want to study. Hint: your faculty's calendar is your friend! ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS Let's say you've decided on which POSts to enroll in. What's the next step? You will need to see if your POSt is listed as a Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 subject. These types determine POSt enrollment requirements. You can do this here.
A screenshot of the Program Toolkit web page. Caption: Sidney Smith Commons' very helpful Program Toolkit
Sidney Smith Commons' very helpful Program Toolkit
Type 1 means that the POSt has no specific enrollment requirements other than the successful completion of 4.0 FCEs. Enrolling in these POSts via ACORN is straightforward and easy. Type 2 POSts require specific courses and/or grades. You will either be invited to enroll in these programs or have to request enrollment via ACORN. Type 3 programs are much more tricky. They'll require specific courses and/or grades, but you'll also need to fill out a separate application form in order to be invited to enroll. Depending on the program, your department might ask for supplemental information. Some Type 3 programs might accept a second round of applications, others might not. Because there's a chance that your enrollment in a Type 2 or Type 3 program can get refused, it's important to have a back-up plan. ENROLLING IN ACORN Okay, still with me? Great. Let's look at enrolling in POSts via ACORN. Start by logging into ACORN with your utorid and password. Under the light blue "ACADEMICS" sidebar, you'll need to click on the "Programs" section under "Enroll & Manage".
A screenshot of how to get to the program enrollment page via ACORN. Caption: Click here
Click here
When you get to the Programs page, you'll be able to see any POSts you're currently enrolled in, as well as a search bar. You'll also be able to see POSt invitations and refusals on this same page. Remember those codes next to the program names on the page that lists POSt types? You'll need to type those into the search bar to find the POSt you're looking for. Alternatively, key words like "Environmental" or "Anthropology" should work too.
Another screenshot from ACORN. Caption: Search for your program here.
Search for your program here
POSt enrollment for Type 1 and Type 2 programs begins March 1. If you need extra help, then I highly recommend using the Sid Smith Commons' Program Toolkit, contacting your registrar to talk about program requirements, or speaking with a Learning Strategist to work on study techniques that can help your grades.

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