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Leading with failure

Only 3 weeks left of school, playing catch up with the semester tiny breaks of procrastination so tempting to this flame burning out Still flickering on as bright as I can Feedback in numbers, comments checkmarks scribbles question marks strikethroughs Am I above, below, or average? Still feeling like an impostor even after 4 years. competing to be chosen but we can all be seen when we keep looking listening sharing always assumed that leading meant succeeding, to ignore failing Just focus on the rise forget about the falls. Only share the good stuff, no room for troubles on the cloud stick to highlights silver linings Don't count the losses Only the wins, the likes and the views, the checkmarks and great jobs the honours and awards I could show you all my highs, but do you wanna see my lows? fill my feed with first drafts, mistakes, troubles, regrets Can I learn how to fail? Is there a course for that? How to fall more deeply, how to sit in my suck and how to get back up Over and over Again Can I let my failures lead the way? Let myself Fall down Rise up Lead on well I'm gonna try. How do you feel about failure? venn diagram: left circle - people open about failures and struggles, right - people open about successes, middle overlap - leaders I look up to

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