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Starting a new club

Starting your own club can be a great way to gain leadership skills and get involved on campus. And as a leader, there are some important things that should be taken into consideration before taking off. Below is an infographic for some things to consider:

an infographic for things to consider when starting a club
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If there’s a club that already exists: there’s over 900 clubs at U of T, so a bit of research will help when creating a game plan to set a group apart.

Find your specialty: in addition to 1, consider the strengths of the club and embrace them! For example, maybe I want to start a yoga club, and I also love to make people laugh – laughing yoga, anyone?

Make a plan and set goals for the club: How will the club operate? How does the club hope to grow over the semester, over the year(s)? Maybe the club will operate bi-weekly or once a month. Maybe the club needs to grow by 10 members before the end of the year, or perhaps it’d be significant to present at a fair next semester.

Create community: How will the club positively impact the greater U of T community, and how will it engage students in a safe and inclusive environment? As you establish your own community on campus, it’s important to consider how it will affect the other communities it will interact with. A new club can be a great opportunity to explore and try a new perspective on campus, and bring people together.

Once all is considered, it’s time to look up the process. When you’re ready to establish a new club, you can gain campus recognition from Ulife first. More information can be found through Student Life, and this helpful video. You can also visit the 21 Sussex Clubhouse in person, to visit the Ulife service centre (5th floor) and the Student Life Resource Lounge and Library (3rd floor). Additional recognition from UTSU includes extra funding and benefits. And if you’re an arts and science student, recognition from individual colleges is also an option.

Whether you start a new club or plan to, enjoy the process and learn as much as you can. Practice those leadership skills and lead on!

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